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A MAN who claims to be reincarnated has vividly described his former life as an 18th century clockmaker.

Chuck McMurray, from Chicago, insists he lived a past life as John Harrison, an English self-educated tradesman who lived between 1693 to 1776.

Chuck believed his journey to “discovering his former self” began when he undertook a series of therapy sessions braded “past life regression.”

According to practicing psychotherapists, the process is typically undertaken in pursuit of allegedly repressed memories of past lives.

Chuck claims the sessions allowed him to access memories of his John's life.

Despite never travelling to England himself, the man recalled John’s stately home that “reminded him of British royalty.”

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While he was able describe the sights and sounds of the Stuart dynasty era including “hearing the sounds of the hooves of horses and the wheels of a carriage traveling over a gravel or brick paved road.”

Most notably, Chuck described witnessing John’s experience as a sick or wounded boy who spent time in a hospital.

“I recalled being a sick or wounded boy who spent time in a hospital. I remembered the clothing that I was wearing,” he wrote in an online blog.

“The clothing was loose-fitting and felt like cotton pyjamas and I remembered socializing with other children, as well as the nurses and caretakers.

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“Later on, I learned that when John Harrison was young, he fell ill with smallpox and was hospitalized.

“He was given a watch to amuse himself in his sickbed. Historians have written that it was this watch that led Harrison to a career building clocks.

Among his bizarrely specific recollections, Chuck explained how he could not only recollect memories from his former life but also channel the emotions that John allegedly felt at the time.

Chillingly, this even included John’s own death which Chuck could describe in vivid detail.

"I saw myself waking in the middle of the night due to chest pain and having a difficult time breathing," he said.

"I remembered seeing shelves of smaller clocks in my room on this night and I felt that somehow, I knew that my time was up.

"A special clock on my nightstand was one of my most prized possessions and I remembered setting it for the last time on that night."

Since he first started the "therapy sessions" in 2016, Chuck claims he has researched John extensively.

John was best known as the man who invented the marine chronometer, a long-sought-after device for solving the problem of calculating longitude while at sea.

His solution revolutionized navigation and greatly increased the safety of long-distance sea travel.

Chuck believes there are correspondences between his life and that of the famous clockmaker in a way that goes beyond physical likeness.

“In a way I believe I was self-taught like John Harrison was,” he penned – citing his own life growing up.

“I always loved the way engines worked and I rejoiced in the fact that I could make them perform better, much like John Harrison did with clocks and his invention of the marine chronometer.”

Over the past few days we have told how people have recalled their "reincarnation stories" in stunning detail.

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