How to get ten days in a row off by using just four days annual leave next year

But there is a solution – these helpful hacks can maximise your days off with an extra long break without using up all of those valuable days.

Because of the arrangement of Bank Holidays and weekends in 2019, there is a chance to get 10 days off in a row by using just FOUR days of annual leave.

But that isn't all – there are three MORE opportunities to get nine days off in a row with four days of holiday.

The wily tricksters at Instant Offices have worked out that if you book April 15, 16, 17 and 18 off work you'll end up with a long escape from the office thanks to Good Friday, Easter Monday and the weekend before.

You can also get extended breaks by booking time off around the May Bank Holidays and the Summer Bank Holiday in August.

Ten days off to do anything you like: kingfisher spotting on the Shropshire Union Canal; get to grips with the Roman Republic; do some sit-ups; learn the clarinet.

Or you could just lounge around in your pants and watch Judge John Deed.

Better get your request in quick before someone nicks your idea!

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