How evil Jimmy Savile used a BANANA as a prop to deflect questions about sex life 25 years before depravity was exposed

THIS is the moment Jimmy Savile used a banana as a prop to deflect probing questions about his sex life decades before his depravity was exposed.

After Savile's death, in October 2011 aged 84, sickening tales of abuse spanning decades began to emerge.

More than 1,000 people came forward claiming they were abused by the fiend – making him one of Britain worst ever sex offenders.

But during his glittering career on TV, his sick abuse was kept under wraps – allowing him to embark on a reign of terror spanning 50 years.

And his roles as a popular DJ and TV presenter on Top of the Pops and Jim'll Fix It let him shield behind his celebrity status.

Experts on TV show Faking It: Jimmy Savile have now analysed footage of the predator to reveal the times he let his mask slip in public.

In one interview with veteran journalist Andrew Neil for Is This Your Life? Savile uses a prop to deflect probing questions about his love life and whether he has girlfriends.

The sicko can be seen pulling out a banana to avoid giving an answer – to the delight of the audience.

Body language expert Cliff Lansley says: "Why have a banana prepared in your pocket?

"Because he knew he would get some difficult phases in the interview, and therefore having some props handy would help him to counter that and get the audience engaged again."

While Forensic Psychologist Kerry Daynes adds: "I mean what a use of a banana in order to avoid questions about his sex life.

"Andrew Neil is a very well-respected interviewer but there’s a subtle pulling of rank there; as soon as the banana comes out, the question that he’s been asked leaves the mind of the audience.

"It’s a way of going, ‘look, look over there!’”

Savile raised an estimated £40 million for charities during his career and was knighted in 1990.

His work allowed him access to schools and hospitals where he would have free reign to prey on youngsters.

The arrogant creep would then bully his victims into staying quiet – telling them no one would believe them over him as he was "world famous".

But the interview wasn't the only time Savile let his mask slip on TV, the show reveals.

In 1999, on Have I Got News For You, the paedo proudly bragged: "I’m feared in every girls school in this country".

Professor of Linguistics Dawn Archer says: “He’s hiding in plain sight and the audience are thinking that this is all part of a showmanship, and actually he’s telling us about things that are true: lots of girls at that point who would have been his victims were fearful of him."

Kerry adds: "It’s a double bluff. We think it’s funny because we think he’s poking fun at himself because he’s probably quite harmless, but that’s the case here is it?

“In hindsight, what he’s saying isn’t very funny at all.”

In 2012, Savile was first exposed as a paedophile and Operation Yewtree was launched after a fresh flood of allegations were made.

The following year, a joint Scotland Yard and NSPCC report branded him one of the UK’s most prolific known sexual predators.

At one point, police were pursuing 400 lines of inquiry based on testimony from 200 witnesses.

Gabrielle Shaw, CEO of the National Association for People Abused in Childhood, says: “They recorded 214 crimes against Savile, and these included over 124 indecent assaults and up to 32 rape or penetration offences.

“I think you can comfortably multiply that by a factor of ten because many people we know will not come forward.

"So, you get a picture of a sexual predator who operated over a number of decades.”

Tormented victims forced to stay silent for decades told how Savile raped or molested them in his BBC dressing room.

They also told how they were abused when the entertainer visited schools, children’s homes and hospitals under the cover of his prolific charity work.

Kerry says: “It’s amazing, how were we not all terrified as children by this man who is creepy looking, quite frankly. 

“I don’t think that Jimmy Savile had some great altruistic interest in charity work. He was very careful to pick and choose what charity events he took part in.

"It was only the very high-profile stuff that he liked. He’s not doing it for them, he’s doing it for him."

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