How China is being overwhelmed by Covid ‘mega-tsunami’ as dead pile-up in containers & sick die in corridors | The Sun

BODIES are being stored in shipping containers in China as morgues overflow in the face of its Covid “mega tsunami”.

Harrowing images show the bodies being stacked outside a crematorium as other footage reveals Covid patients left in crowed hospital corridors, where some have been left to die.

China is now in the grip of a Covid surge in the wake of its leader Xi Jinping finally abandoned his disastrous Zero Covid policy of draconian lockdowns.

The government has now stopped releasing official daily figures for infections and deaths, but it’s estimated at that least 5000 people are dying a day.

Crematoriums are working 24 hours a day to deal with the dead as bodies begin to pile up and long queues of hazmat suit clad workers carry corpses.

Video shows a shipping container being used to store the dead in Beijing, where the freezing winter temperatures are able to keep bodies cold.


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One corpse can be seen being taken out in a yellow body bag to be loaded into a van for cremation.

Elsewhere video shows patients on gurneys line the hallway of an overcrowded hospital in Tianjin.

One woman can be seen carrying a drip as her relative is pushed along in a wheelchair.

Patients can also be seen in the entrance, with their concerned loved ones crowding around them.

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At the Baoding No. 2 Hospital in Zhuozhou patients thronged the hallway of the emergency ward, AP reports.

The sick were breathing with the help of respirators and one woman wailed after doctors told her that a loved one had died.

According to epidemiologist Eric Feigl-Ding, many Chinese hospitals even “top-level” ones in the capital Beijing are “running out of oxygen”.

Dr Feigl-Ding is chief of the Covid Task Force at the New England Complex Systems Institute and one of the first scientists to warn about the ability of Covid to spread when he worked at Harvard.

He said China was being hit by a “mega-tsunami” of Covid but warned the worst is “yet to come”.

According to health data analysts Airfinity, daily cases could reach 3.7 million per day in January and 4.2 million in March, up from the current level of one million.

They estimate there are already 5000 deaths a day in China, in contrast to the 7 officially admitted to by the government.

Its population has low levels of immunity because of the lockdown, which stemmed in part from its botched attempt to produce an effective vaccine.

The draconian Zero Covid policy saw the population forced to take continual tests for Coronavirus and millions put into lockdown, even if only a small number of people were testing positive.

Horror images showed those infected being dragged off to quarantine camps and even welded into their homes by brutal 'Big White' enforcers.

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But a wave of protests following a fire in which the deaths of 10 people were blamed on the harsh lockdown led Xi to dramatically ditch ‘Zero Covid’.

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