Hot weather warning as Brits urged not to forget Covid risks after boozing in 24C sun with pals

BRITS have been urged to not forget Covid risks in the hot weather today – as many head to parks and beaches in 24C sun.

Millions have been told to not "drop their guard" when they meet in groups of six after months of isolation in their homes.

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Disease expert Dr Bharat Pankhania, a senior clinical lecturer at Exeter University, has warned that Brits must keep their circles small in the continued fight against Covid.

He added that caution and care are needed, as people brace for the hottest day of the year so far with highs of 24C expected.

Dr Pankhania told ITV’s Good Morning Britain: “People have been kept in their homes for a very long time and there is of course a build-up of frustration.

“What is important is that people do not extend their circle of friends extensively because this is a human-to-human spread of infection.

“What we need to do is keep your circle of friends small and tight.”

He added: “The expression ‘slippery slope’ is very apt, especially when it is aided by alcohol because what happens when you have a drink and then another one, in the background of a lot of frustration of having been in restrictions, you drop your guard and when you drop your guard and you go indoors with poor ventilation that is where the dangers are.

“Caution, care is needed.”


Yesterday, large crowds of more than six gathered at the Arboretum in Nottingham – where revellers enjoyed beers and danced in the warm weather.

The boozy students could be seen starting a fight – as hundreds broke social distancing rules and gathered to see what the commotion was about.

Revellers could then be seen spraying bottles of alcohol in the air – chanting and clapping as many joined in and danced in the centre of the madness.

One party-seeker, pulling his shirt over his nose as a make-shift mask, said: "Everyone is feeling happy again, and that's what's important."

Boris Johnson yesterday urged people to remain cautious as the relaxation of lockdown measures in England coincides with the ongoing “exceptionally warm” spell of weather.

The PM has lifted the stay-at-home guidance to allow groups of up to six, or two households, to meet outside in England.

He said yesterday in a video message to the nation to mark the unlocking: "You'll no longer have to stay at home, but many restrictions will stay in place.

"You should continue to work form home if you can and minimise travel, avoiding the busiest times and route.

"You won't be able to go abroad holiday yet because we don't want people to bring back new variants of the virus when they return."

He added in another plea: "It's vital that we don't overdo it and risk all the progress we have made.

"Please follow the new rules carefully so that we can gradually get back to normal together."

A No 10 source said yesterday: “Today marks the first real freedom for so many people who haven’t seen their loved ones for months.”

Boris wants to kick off “a Great British summer of sport” — urging the public to get outdoors and take in vitamin D to boost immune systems against Covid.

England’s chief medical officer, Professor Chris Whitty, said there was a “high likelihood” cases would rise as lockdown restrictions were steadily lifted under the Government’s road map.

He added, however, that the impact should be “modest” if people continued to follow social-distancing guidelines.

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