Horror moment unhinged passenger tries to HIJACK Delta flight and break into cockpit screaming 'stop this plane'

A DELTA Airlines plane was forced to make an emergency landing in New Mexico after a passenger reportedly attempted to bust down the cockpit door as the plane made its way to Tennessee.

FBI agents and police in New Mexico have taken an unhinged man into custody after he allegedly tried to break through the cockpit while screaming "you gotta stop this plane" some 25 times in a row.

The plane had departed Los Angeles and was on its way to Nashville when it was forced to make a landing in Albuquerque at around 2:20 PM, KOAT-TV reported.

That's where authorities took the man into custody, with police reporting noinjuries.

"The passenger was not successful. The plane landed safely and the passenger was removed by police and the FBI. He is in custody now," Delta said in a statement.

Videos of the event quickly sprouted on social media, where a two-minute video shows the man hogtied at the front of the plane.

Three men near the cockpit held the man down as the man screamed "you gotta stop this plane" in the video.

"I was on this flight in the 3rd row – witness to everything. Terrifying but our Delta flight attendant Christopher Williams acted quickly. So did several passengers around me," wrote Twitter user Jessica Robertson, who posted video of the interaction.

"This was our view from the 3rd row right after the Delta attendants and passengers apprehended the person who attempted to get into the cockpit," Robertson wrote. "He was screaming ‘Stop the plane.'"

Video shows the men holding down the suspect as he continued to scream, terrifying passengers.

Some man came up to help the men hold the man down, offering his belt to their use as they continued to restrain the man.

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