Hit-and-run claims Frosty, and the Grinch is still on the loose

A family in Indiana had some holiday cheer taken from them Sunday when someone drove on their lawn to destroy a towering, inflatable snowman.

Conrad Morgan, who lives across the street, provided WTHR with security footage that showed an individual park in front of Casie and Daniel Arnold’s home in Greenwood, get out of their car and observe the Arnolds’ house and 12-foot snowman. The inflatable was run over less than a minute later.

The Arnolds, for their part, claim they were home with their kids watching “The Christmas Chronicles” starring Kurt Russell on Netflix when they heard a “pop”.

Casie told the IndyStar that her husband ran outside in his bare feet to determine what had happened.

“I thought that was certainly an extreme, to come that far up into the yard and come that close to the house,” Daniel said.

The father told his children there had been an accident “as they could never understand why someone would do this on purpose,” according to NBC.

The family posted footage of the incident in a local Facebook group and filed a criminal mischief report with the Greenwood Police Department.

“Everyone wants to make it known that the neighbourhood is watching and this is not going to be tolerated,” Casie Arnold said. “Everyone has been really supportive of this  going out so this person doesn’t damage other parts of the community.”

The Arnolds have already purchased another snowman. Take that, Grinch.

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