Hillary Clinton 2024 update – Comeback at next election to 'take on Donald Trump' and replace Joe Biden suggested

HILLARY Clinton could be in position to make a dramatic comeback and run for president again in 2024.

Clinton would be the ideal choice to 'best option' to lead Democrats in the next presidential election in 2024, where she would potentially face off against Donald Trump for a second time, according to two top party operatives.

"Given the likelihood that Democrats will lose control of Congress in 2022, we can anticipate that Mrs. Clinton will begin shortly after the midterms to position herself as an experienced candidate capable of leading Democrats on a new and more successful path," Douglas E. Schoen and Andrew Stein wrote in the Wall Street Journal.

The prediction comes after Clinton has given a number of interviews recently, sparking rumors she could be plotting a comeback.

If she was to run for president, it would also mean President Joe Biden could be replaced by the party.

Biden would be 81 when he is sworn in for a second term, if he ran again in 2024 and was successful. That would make him the oldest president in history.

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