Here are the deals you should AVOID on Black Friday – especially TVs with too-good-to-be-true prices

WITH Black Friday a month away shoppers are eagerly starting to scoutfor the best sales they can score – however, there are some deals you should avoid this time around.

Even on the biggest sales holiday of the year not every deal is a good one – so here are some items not to buy on Black Friday 2020.

Video Game Consoles

This year’s Black Friday sales is going to look far different for video game consoles.

The latest generation of the Xbox and PlayStation consoles are set to release on Nov. 10 and Nov. 12.

As amazing as the latest consoles are don’t expect to see any deals on these new models or any bundle discounts for that matter.

However, if you’re shopping for the previous generations of these consoles, Xbox One or PS4, you may be in luck – as videos games and appliance could be on sale for older models.

Shoppers saw some discounts on the Nintendo Switch, so there are some expectations that gaming company will roll out some deals on the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite.


Every Black Friday television sets are the first items to go on sale and they sell at a high rate.

Many department stores like Target, Best Buy and PC Richards offer incredible deals on televisions from brands like Samsung, Sony and LG.

However, shoppers beware, not all television deals necessarily equal a sweet deal.

It all depends on the brand model and if you're willing to spend a couple extra bucks on a TV.

Brands like Sony and Samsung typically produce the most popular and most efficient televisions, so if you can shed a few more dollars on well-known brands don't hesitate to make the purchase.

Winter clothing

Typically around Black Friday plenty of fashion brands offer steep discounts on clothing.

Although, when it comes to winter apparel, retailers aren’t too fond of putting these items on sale.

Retailers typically don’t start clearing out winter gear until late in the season and as resident in the east coast get ready for the cold months ahead, don’t expect to see discounts on these items.

We generally see sweatpants, sweaters and boot on sale during Black Friday – but if you want to hold on to your money until January and February when stores make room for spring clothing we suggest you do that.


Jewelry is a product that rarely or never goes on sale.

If you’re looking to purchase some jewelry this holiday season, department store giants like Macy’s will typically put fine jewelry on sale – but don’t expect a fancy piece when shopping through their clearance items.

Fitness Equipment

You’ll find small discount deals on fitness equipment come Black Friday – but the best deals on exercise equipment come January when retailers try to cash in on New Year’s resolutions.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to change the way people operate in their day-to-day lives, expect to see a big sale for at home fitness equipment this January.

Travel Deals

The travel industry took a big hit this year due to Covid-19 – as certain parts of the world continue to be closed to stop the spread of the virus.

While some airline may provide Black Friday travel deal, it might not be a good idea to jump on them, as the threat of a second wave anticipated to hit this winter.

However, unless you score a sweet deal for a long term travel plan, like say late next year, that might be a safe way to go.

Anything before then you run the risk of having your flight cancelled or being limited to the things you can do while at your vacation destination.

Holiday decorations

According to Deals Now, last year, they saw a fair number of holiday décor deals in November.

The outlet reported a Target promotion the weekend after Black Friday, which took $50 off holiday decoration orders of $100.

However, the best time to buy for seasonal items is usually after the holidays are over.

According to the outlet, the best deals start at the end of December and in January, to get you prepared to stock up for next year’s holiday season.

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