Heart-stopping moment massive lion strolls through campsite in front of stunned safari-goers | The Sun

THIS is the chilling moment a massive male lion strolls through a campsite in front of a stunned family.

Campers were left in shock when the predator casually wandered near their tents – just a few feet away from them.

The horror encounter happened at a natural reserve in Kgalagadi in Botswana, where safari-goers stopped for a break.

The heart-stopping video starts with the lion walking around the campsite, curiously looking at its surroundings.

It gets closer to a table and examines what's on it- right next to the terrified family.

Despite their fear, the group managed to stay calm and whispered to each other to remain still.


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At some point, the big cat gets startled for a moment, after accidentally knocking a bottle off the table that smashes on the ground.

The video ends with the lion approaching the family within a chilling distance, staring at them for a while before heading off into the wild.

A witness described it as a "once in a lifetime" sighting and said: "Lions come into the camps unannounced and in total silence as it happened to us."

However, another camper told Storyful that the group had agreed before their trip in case of an encounter they would "not go running, as it would encourage most wildlife to chase."

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The woman said: "If anyone panics and runs or makes sudden movements, the chances are high that they may be attacked."

Even though she appreciates it was a particularly rare encounter, she noted there was "no room for error."

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