Harry Dunn's parents accuse US and UK of 'covering up' details about son's death and say authorities should be 'ashamed'

THE parents of death crash teen Harry Dunn believe the British authorities should be "ashamed of themselves" for the way they have turned their back on them.

They have now pointed the finger at both the UK and the US for not releasing "key details" about their son's shocking death.

The 19-year-old motorcyclist was killed during a head-on crash with a US diplomat’s wife who was said to have been driving on the wrong side of the road.

After the crash Anne Sacoolas headed back to the US –  a move that sickened Harry's family and sparked an extradition row.

The family’s spokesman, Radd Seiger, has now said: "It is clear that the Americans are desperate to protect Mrs Sacoolas. We are trying to find out why that is.

"The family is now concerned that there has been misconduct and a cover up on both sides of the Atlantic and they are intent on exposing it with the help of their lawyers."

Harry’s mother Charlotte Charles told the Daily Mail: "We are more determined than ever to see justice done for our son. He would want us to keep going and we will.

"We have not had a single offer of support from either the Government back home or consular officials in the US. The British authorities should be ashamed of themselves for abandoning us."


Cops WERE told by the Governmentto  delay telling tHarry's parents his accused killer had fled the UK, the government admitted on Friday.

Harry was killed on August 27 near RAF Croughton in Northamptonshire.

Local Police have been accused of telling Harry's heartbroken family that Sacoolas had left the country ten days after officers first found out.

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab today admitted there was a delay – but insisted it was "only a day or so".

He told Good Morning Britain: "The Foreign Office said they wanted to basically inform ministers and make sure we clearly understood what we would do next and it was only a day or so.

"I know the police delayed a bit longer and they were responsible for that and I'm sure that at all times, they were thinking about the sensitivities in relation to the family.

"But we certainly didn't want to hold it up materially or beyond a day or so just to make sure at every step, we can communicate [with Harry's family] with a clear footing and a clear position because with the family going through that much grief, that's the responsible thing to do."

Mr Raab told the ITV show the Foreign Office was asked their "opinion" by cops after the tragedy – with an official believing a delay of "a day or so" would be helpful.

The MP added: "We have done everything we can within the law to clear the path so that justice can be done for the family and we will continue to do so."

Harry's devastated family slammed the Foreign Office earlier this week after claiming there was a ten-day delay by cops in telling them their son's alleged killer had fled Britain.

Police had visited Sacoolas at her home near the RAF base on August 28  -but were told she had left the country on September 16 .

She has used diplomatic immunity granted to her due to her husband Jonathan, which allowed her to return to the States.

But it emerged last week Sacoolas, who had been driving on the wrong side of the road, no longer has immunity now she is back in the US.

Speaking on Thursday, Harry's mum said: "It’s disgusting. They’ve got to answer some questions we throw at them haven’t they? Because who made that ridiculous decision?”

She also called on the Foreign Secretary to answer the family’s questions.

The mum added: “He needs to do the right thing as well doesn’t he and own up to why they made that decision. Why keep us in the dark? Why add more pain?”

Officers have claimed the delay was in part due to Harry’s funeral.

The FCO said in a statement: “We have been doing all we can to help the family to secure justice for Harry.

“The Prime Minister and the President spoke last week about this matter and the Foreign Secretary has made clear to the US Ambassador and Secretary Pompeo what has happened is not acceptable.

“We continue to press for the individual concerned to engage with the UK legal process.”

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