Half-term chaos as Insulate Britain eco-mob vow to block roads AGAIN to 'rise up against tyranny'

BRITS are bracing for half-term travel chaos as Insulate Britain eco zealots vow to block the roads AGAIN to "rise up against tyranny".

The controversial mob promised to pause their tirade of miserable sit-ins across Britain's busiest roads until October 25 – the first day of the kids' week-long break.

In a statement released today, the group said the Government's Heat and Buildings Strategy "fails to meet the challenges we now face".

The plan lays out how the Government will cut carbon emissions from 30 million homes and workplaces.

An Insulate Britain statement reads: "Insulate Britain has considered the British Government's Heat and Buildings Strategy, the Net Zero Strategy and the Cost of Net Zero report.

"We concluded that, while these would have been a good first step 30 years ago, they completely fail to meet the challenges we now face."

The group claim the only way to tackle the issue is through a "wartime style national effort" involving "shared sacrifice".

Demonstrators said the current plan was to "cross your fingers and hope for the best".

A spokesman added: "Our ancestors fought a civil war to remove such tyranny from these islands and sacrificed their lives to win the rights and freedoms we now enjoy as citizens. 

"Today it is our turn, our responsibility, to rise up against tyranny. We owe that to our ancestors, to our fellow citizens and to those that come after us in the great chain of life."

Insulate Britain earlier said it will “suspend its campaign of civil resistance” until October 25.

In an open letter to Boris Johnson, the group quoted the PM's hero Winston Churchill before writing: "Insulate Britain would like to take this opportunity to profoundly acknowledge the disruption caused over the past five weeks.

"We cannot imagine undertaking such acts in normal circumstances.

"But the dire reality of our situation has to be faced."

Controversial ringleader Liam Norton attempted to deliver the letter to Downing Street.

However, police on the gates refused to take it as they don't accept the PM's mail – meaning it'll need to be posted instead.

A protester told reporters: "An email copy has been sent to Boris Johnson and to the Cabinet Secretary.

"We will be posting this as we have been unable to hand it in to the gentlemen here."

News sit-ins will temporarily end comes after it was reported that activists will finally face court action – and possible jail – within days.

Just over a month after the first roadblocks brought chaos to the motorways, officials are set to ask judges to take action.

Ministers have reportedly been furious that police are arresting the zealots – before releasing them just hours later.

But final details are now being added to legal papers which could see faster justice for those who flout High Court injunctions not to block roads.

And Priti Patel has announced that police will be given the power to arrest repeat climate protesters before they glue themselves to the tarmac.

It comes as:

  • Members vowed to ‘unleash hell’ if the PM doesn't give in to their demands
  • One of the protesters who has been arrested for blocking the M25 is married to a highways boss responsible for ensuring traffic flow
  • The group descended further into chaos with a string of gaffes
  • A furious mum screamed 'I'll drive through you' during a blockade

The Home Secretary is beefing up stop-and-search rules so protesters can be detained if they're suspected of carrying heavy-duty locks or industrial-strength glue near motorways, airports and ports.

Meanwhile, school-run mums and lorry drivers were last week held up at the Dartford Crossing and on the M25.

One mum was heard yelling: "My son is 11 and he needs to get to school today. So move out the way and let me get my son to school."

When the defiant activists refused to budge, she said: "I'll drive through you then."

Another man was filmed saying "this is not going to help" as he tries to reason with the mob.

He shouted: "Why aren't you at work? Why are you stopping people from working?"


The group has faced plenty of accusations about hypocrisy – and just days ago, Norton himself admitted he "doesn't care" about insulation.

The Sun exclusively revealed that Norton – who stormed off Good Morning Britain after a clash with Susanna Reid –  doesn't even insulate his own home.

And quizzed about his decision not to by talkRADIO presenter Cristo Foufas, Norton instantly replied: "Because I'm a hypocrite."

He then added: "I'm terrible aren't I."

Baffled by the response, Cristo pressed him further, asking: "Do you understand why people will think, well, this guy doesn't care about insulation, he only cares about causing disruption and trying to make a name for himself?"

"Yeah, they're right," Norton said.

"I don't particularly care about insulation."

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