Google Maps users spot creepy 'secret facility' deep in the desert sparking alien research conspiracies

EAGLE-EYED Google Maps users have spotted a creepy 'secret facility' hiding deep in the desert, sparking conspiracy theories it is being used as a base for alien research.

The remote all-white facility is way off the beaten track in the depths of the desert in Arizona – but over a dozen vehicles are seen parked outside.

The secluded site even has its own helipad and is fenced in from the outside world.

The mysterious premises also includes four separate buildings that are drastically set back from the entrance, sparking a flurry of wild theories over what the place is used for.

After being shared on Reddit by one observant user, people began to debate the reason behind its isolated location and secretive structure.

Some suggested it could be a restricted area where experts study aliens and research other out-of-this-world species.

But others teased that it was in fact the fictional fast food chain, Los Pollos Hermanos, from TV series Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul.

And one user even hilariously urged others to consider the fact that Taco Bell could have something to do with the puzzling place.

The eerie establishment is said to be located in Southeast Arizona just a stones throw from the US border of Mexico and the San Bernardino National Wildlife Refuge.

It is hard to pinpoint on Google Maps as the facility is THAT obscure – with nothing but desert in every direction for miles.

One baffled user wrote: "Let's see: in the middle of nowhere, security fence and automatic gate, lots of lights on tall poles, a long cement walkway leading to a helicopter pad, lots of structures including one large building and one building that looks like it has a giant tall cage attached on one end – it is like something out of the X Files.

"Evil lair outpost? Alien research center?"

Another added: "It's Arizona so it's either aliens or some random a** warehouse that doesn't really have a purpose."

While one joked: "Please we all know what it really is. It's where Taco Bell hides its Bells."

The interesting debate did see some wacky theories dished out, but other users also offered up some more reasonable explanations.

Some suggested the site's close proximity to the border could mean it is a government building, potentially used by immigration or border authorities.

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