Good Samaritans rescue woman from burning car in harrowing video

Moment good Samaritans save woman from burning car on Long Island Expressway after car hit center median and flipped over in traffic

  • A video of good Samaritans saving a woman from a burning car has gone viral
  • The incident happened Monday on the Long Island Freeway
  • The group jumped into action, pulling the woman from her burning Jeep
  • The woman, Susan Denise, 56, was taken by helicopter to a local hospital  

A woman is lucky to be alive after being pulled from her burning vehicle on the Long Island Freeway Monday by a group of good Samaritans. 

Shocking video of the incident was shared to social media earlier this week shows the moment the group pulled the crash victim from her car. 

The woman, identified as Susan Denise, 56, was driving in her 2022 Jeep Liberty on the highway when the vehicle hit a center median and flipped on its side, eventually lighting on fire. 

The group was applauded on social media for their quick actions and the administering of first aid until first responders arrived. 

‘THANK GOD FOR GOOD SAMARITANS / PASSERSBY- WHO HELP OTHERS IN NEED,’ wrote the person who captured the video. 

This was the car the woman was pulled from Monday afternoon in New York

Video of the incident was first shared Monday evening by Todd Miranda, who was on the highway and captured the harrowing moment. 

‘This is how my day started out driving Westbound on the LIE [Long Island Expressway] before exit 61,’ Miranda wrote. 

According to the Suffolk County Police Department, the incident happened west of exit 62 on the Long Island Expressway just after 12pm.

Three out of four lanes of the highway were shut down for several hours after the crash. 

After the vehicle caught on fire, the bystanders jumped into action, stopping their own cars in the middle of the busy freeway to help. 

The woman was on fire inside the car, officials said. 

The incident happened just after 12pm on the Long Island Expressway

A group of good Samaritans jumped into action to assist the woman as her car was burning

The men helped the woman, putting out the fire on her clothing and blocking traffic

The crash shut down three of the highway’s four lanes for several hours on Monday 

The first three seconds of the video show the woman’s clothing on fire as she lay on the ground after being pulled from the vehicle. 

Denise was taken by a helicopter to Stony Brook University Hospital and was in critical condition Tuesday. reached out to the Suffolk County Police Department for an update on Denise’s condition and the investigation into the crash but did not hear back by the time of publication. 

It is still unknown what caused the woman and the vehicle to hit the median and crash in the first place. 

The woman was taken by helicopter to a nearby hospital where she remains in critical condition

The fiery crash was documented by one man who was on the highway 

The woman’s car caught fire after striking the median and flipping over 

The 45 second video shows the woman’s Jeep in the carpool lane, facing the oncoming traffic with flames bursting out of the sides and front. 

One man appears to throw water at flames on the ground and the car as the woman spins on the ground away from the vehicle. 

At one point, another man pulls his car forward and opens his trunk to produce an additional jug of water to give to the group assisting the woman. 

The group pulls the woman several lanes away from the fire which appears fully engulfed in flames and one of the rescuers heroically stands in the middle of several lanes of the freeway to stop traffic.  

This was the post attached to the video of the rescue 

The video, posted less than 48 hours ago, has amassed nearly 45,000 views on Facebook after it was posted by the witness. 

‘These 5 BRAVE, COURAGEOUS PASSERSBY risked their lives to pull this Woman out of a BURNING FIREBALL of a CAR, to SAVE HER LIFE,’ Miranda wrote in the post’s caption. 

The Facebook user said the incident prompted him to be more prepared in the future if something like this were to ever happen again. 

‘I felt quite helpless, wishing that I had a FIRE EXTINGUISHER in my car, so I could do something to help.. Went to the Store to buy 2 right away, so this NEVER happens again,’ the poster said. 

Dozens have commented on Miranda’s post, stating they also saw the crash and thanking him for documenting the incident.

The group of men were applauded on social media 

The good Samaritans were thanked for their quick actions which saved the woman’s life 

‘God bless that group for eternity in return,’ said one Facebook commenter. 

‘So scary. Thank God and bless those courageous men for being so brave and saving this man,’ wrote one person. 

‘I love New York,’ wrote a commenter. ‘The people, the heart …. True heroes.’ 

‘Wow. That’s intense. She is so lucky to be alive and amazing those men stood up and helped her,’ said another. 

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