Gibraltar ‘first nation in world’ to vaccinate entire adult population

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Gibraltar rocks!

The tiny British overseas territory — famed for its Rock of Gibraltar — has become the “first nation in the world” to vaccinate its entire adult population against COVID-19, ITV reported.

Located on the Iberian peninsula on Spain’s south coast, with an area of just 2.6 square miles and 33,701 residents, Gibraltar reached the milestone Wednesday as First Minister Fabian Picardo thanked the UK for its contribution to the vaccine rollout.

Every dose of the jab administered in Gibraltar was provided by the British government and delivered by the Royal Air Force.

It was not yet immediately clear whether every adult in Gibraltar has received both doses or just one, the news outlet reported.

UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock said in the House of Commons that he was “delighted to be able to tell the house that yesterday Gibraltar became the first nation in the world to complete its entire adult vaccination program.”

Picardo said: “The loyalty of the people of Gibraltar to the Crown of the United Kingdom has never and will never be in doubt. In these harrowing and difficult times, our deep loyalty has been recognized and repaid.

“The United Kingdom has played a blinder on vaccinations and we have been among the beneficiaries in the British family of nations,” he said.

Speaking in Gibraltar’s Parliament, he added: “We are all now vaccinated or on the way to being vaccinated — but we are not out of the woods yet.”

He said that despite the milestone, people should continue sticking to the existing coronavirus restrictions.

In total, Gibraltar has seen 4,270 cases of the illness, as well as 94 deaths, according to The Sun.

Christian Segovia, a 24-year-old in Gibraltar, told The Associated Press recently:  “I’ve been on the Rock now for a couple of months, without having stepped foot on Spain. That’s a big part of our lives: going across the border, visiting new cities each weekend. That’s what I’m looking forward to most.”

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