George Osborne ‘abandons hopes of Cabinet comeback and seeks top job as head of International Monetary Fund’ – The Sun

GEORGE Osborne is aiming for a top job at the International Monetary Fund, it was claimed today.

The ex-Chancellor is said to be keen to run the US-based body – in a move which would scupper any chance of a quick comeback in UK politics.

Mr Osborne is currently working as editor of the Evening Standard newspaper.

But he is widely rumoured to fancy a return to frontline politics and has considered running to be the MP for Kensington.

That would allow him to rejoin the Cabinet in a key role under Boris Johnson.

But the job running the IMF – which tackles financial crises around the world – became available this week after boss Christine Lagarde was appointed to head the European Central Bank.

Mr Osborne has told pals he is keen to take the role, according to the Financial Times.

It would make him one of the most powerful people running the world's financial system.

The job is traditionally always held by a European while an American runs the World Bank.

Mr Osborne could win the support of the US and Chinese governments – but EU leaders may be more hostile because of Brexit.

Jeremy Hunt today poked fun at his former colleague, tweeting: "Don’t go George, you’d be wasted at the IMF!"

But Jeremy Corbyn blasted: "George Osborne, architect of UK austerity, and the IMF, leading global enforcer of austerity, would be a dangerous combination.

"We need to build a new global economic order for the many, not continue imposing destructive policies on behalf of the few."

Earlier this week, Mr Osborne announced he and his wife Frances are getting divorced.

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