Former X Factor star claims bouncers beat him in homophobic attack before cops took him away after 'constant abuse'

A FORMER X Factor star has claimed he was beaten up by bouncers in a homophobic attack at a nightclub before he was seen being carted off by cops.

Bradley Hunt claims he became sick of receiving “constant abuse” because of his sexuality and became frustrated with cops when he tried to report it.

The star – who went viral after falling out with his bandmate, Ottavio Columbro over some uncooked chicken – admitted to flinging a bottle of strawberry-flavoured volvic towards the nightclub’s sign.

He said he wasn’t arrested but was taken home in a police car and banned from the clubbing strip for 24-hours following the alleged incident at Rosie’s Nightclub on Broad Street in Birmingham.

Bradley said: “Obviously I was drunk, and I did retaliate. But throwing a bottle of water at the club sign is a small gesture considering the constant abuse I get.

“But I still understand it’s not the best behaviour myself.”


He claimed: “I came out of the cubicle and one of the bouncers said ‘Get out now you queer’.”

“He dragged me, he then kicked me in the back, while the other one laughed and also kicked and then the other one kicked again.

“It was like three strong kicks made me go flying into the doorway.”

The star claims he then tried to alert staff members, who “blanked” him before heading outside to speak to the police officers.

But Bradley said he could see some of the officers laughing as he tried to “calmly” explain what happened and lost his temper.

He said: “I felt dismissed, like a piece of s**t, I had just been kicked like that and I told a bouncer outside who didn’t care.

“Everyone always gets away with homophobic abuse in my case.”

Bradley explained how he then threw the bottle at the sign outside Rosie’s nightclub in anger, leading to all five police officers jumped on him.

Shocking footage shows the star looking worse for wear as he is carted off by five cops.

Further snaps show the 28-year-old reality regular sitting in the back of a police van on Broad Street in Birmingham.

Bradley, who is from near-by Leamington Spa, addressed the incident on Instagram.

He wrote: “ I was NOT arrested. If I don’t laugh then I’ll cry. YES I was very drunk but it doesn’t change the fact that I was attacked in the toilets last night by the bouncers of a nightclub whilst washing my hands.

“Have you ever been beaten where they laugh like you are not even a person. I decided to leave the club by myself and go outside to find the police.”


In footage taken of the incident, which Bradley also posted to his own Instagram, he can be heard saying: “Don’t follow me, don’t follow me babe. You make me sick babe.

“The police don’t ever help me. Leave me alone, the police don’t ever do anything for me. The police never do anything.”

As he rants, clearly distressed, revellers can be heard jeering at the 28-year-old and shouting: “You were on X Factor.”

In other footage, Bradley can be seen looking upset as he is being led away by police.

Fans assure the star: “We love you!”

Bradley added: “I’m not a bad person just passionate about standing up for discrimination. I never wanted to build a hard shell and have a defense so strong but I’ve had to adapt.

“I am a cheeky person and I do have banter but it’s harmless – I don’t deserve constant abuse and threats offline and online.

“This time my behaviour wasn’t 100 per cent good in retaliation but making a statement of fighting for discrimination against anyone for religion, race, gender, sexuality, size or age is important.

“I feel if I stand up to people then next time those people will think again and won’t go after someone more younger or vulnerable than me where it could affect them more. I am strong enough now

“A person will crack and I did. I think I’ll start meditation or breathing exercises.”

Rosie’s Nightclub and West Midlands Police have been contacted for comment.

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