Former ISIS bride says Brits should show Shamima Begum MERCY because she's 'young and doesn’t understand' despite her showing no remorse

Tania Joya, 35, once travelled to Syria but now says she is rehabilitated and happily living in Texas.

Shamima Begum, 19, is currently trying to get back to the UK after she left her home in Bethnal Green, East London, to travel to the Middle Eastern country with two pals in 2015.

She recently gave birth after being detained in a refugee camp by Kurdish forces.

Begum had previously said she had no regrets about travelling to Syria and said she had a “good time there”.

Despite her lack of remorse Joya believes the British public should have “mercy” on her.

She told Sky News: “I hope the British public can have mercy on her. She’s still only 19 and for four years she’s been around a group of very draconian, brutal people who are not in tune with the 21st century.

“I believe that through education we can enlighten her.”

She added: “If we can help her that’s good for the child and that’s good for society.

The mum-of-four though thought Begum needed to ask for mercy too.

I hope the British public can have mercy on her

Joya said: “She should be asking for mercy. For forgiveness because she’s asking for help from people she was at war with.

“She needs counselling and psychiatric treatment, maybe anti-depressants. She’s very young, she doesn’t understand. She needs exposure.

“For me, in my situation, I was able to do lots of reading which enriched my mind and I realised how wrong I had been.

“It made me so regretful. That’s why I do what I do; I speak out in public because I feel I have to make up for the wrong that I did.

In a new interview with Sky News, when Begum was asked if she thought she had made a mistake travelling to Syria, she replied: "In a way, yes, but I don't regret it because it's changed me as a person. It's made me stronger, tougher, you know.

"I married my husband, I wouldn't have found someone like him back in the UK.

"I had my kids, I did have a good time there, just at the end things got harder and I couldn't take it any more.”

Questions have been raised over whether Britain would be able to prevent Begum's eventual return to the UK.

Shamima's parents are consulting their lawyer about legal action against the government to force it to allow the teenager back into the country.

Home Secretary Sajid Javid has warned he "will not hesitate" to prevent the return of Britons who travelled to join ISIS.

However the government's tough stance was undermined when Alex Younger, the head of MI6, said British citizens "have a right to come to the UK".

Diane Abbott, the shadow home secretary, said anyone linked to terrorist groups "should be fully investigated and where appropriate prosecuted" but added: "We are not in favour of making people stateless."

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