Footage shows thieves stealing £90,000 keyless car in under 30 seconds from family's driveway

THIS is the shocking moment a gang of London robbers swiped a £90,000 Tesla motor with a wireless key hack.

CCTV footage of the brazen theft was captured yesterday morning with a Ring doorbell camera.

One of the robbers can be seen strolling up to the sports car through the garden gate.

He can be seen with an electrical pack around his neck, which he raises above his head as he steps towards the door.

As he does so, the Tesla's headlights flash to show that it is now unlocked.

A companies then jumps into the vehicle and reverses it out of the drive.

Homeowner Hrishi said: "It was absolutely shocking how quickly it went."

Relay theft is a common technique used by criminals to capture the unique signals from a key fob to open and start the car.

The devices work by capturing electromagnetic signals emitted by the car and its keyfob.

One thief stands by the car with one scanner while the other stands with a second device pointing in the direction of the keys.

The first crook then tries the car door handle which emits a signal. It is picked up by first device and bounced to the second one.

The keyfob in the house “hears” the signal and responds directly to the car, allowing its door to be opened and engine started.

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