Flea in terror! Paris police station evacuated after fleas take over

Flea in terror! Police station in Paris evacuated after the bloodsucking pests ‘make working conditions intolerable’

  • Notice on station’s front door read: ‘Police station closed until further notice!’
  • On Twitter, the station in the 19th district added: ‘EMPLOYMENT EVACUATION!’
  • Pest control experts set to decontaminate the station from today and tomorrow 

A police station in northeastern Paris had to be evacuated after it was invaded by fleas, a police union has said.

A notice stuck to the front door of the station in the 19th district of the French capital, read: ‘Police station closed until further notice!’ 

In an odd outburst on Twitter, the Alliance police union said the station had been invaded by the blood-sucking pests, ‘making working conditions INTOLERABLE!!!’

The fleas took over a police station in Paris’s 19th district and made conditions ‘intolerable’ (stock)

It added: ‘EMPLOYMENT EVACUATION! For many days, officials of the CP19 are undergoing a flea invasion that generates conditions of work NOT PERMISSIBLE !!!.’ 

Despite pest control efforts, the problem – which first surfaced three weeks ago – had not been solved.

Officers were left ‘itching like crazy’ after suffering multiple bites and some had taken the fleas home with them.

The pests were said to have caused havoc in their houses by biting their children, a union official said.

The bloodsucking pests were even carried home by some police officers and bit their children. The station was expected to be decontaminated from today (stock)

The Alliance union is demanding the entire site be de-infested – saying it should have been done weeks ago.

Union officials were scheduled to meet today with Interior Minister Christophe Castaner to discuss the problem.

Pest control experts were set to decontaminate the station from today and tomorrow in a bid to flush out the fleas.

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