FBI begs for help identifying 16 victims of serial killer Samuel Little based on sketches he drew from memory in jail

Samuel Little drew the haunting pictures from memory while in jail for other murders, claiming they were slaughtered during a depraved killing spree in 1996.

The 78-year-old  has confessed to killing 93 people over more than three decades, starting in 1970, making him America’s worst serial killer.

Some bodies have never been found. Police have also lost old case files.

But last year he began drawing portraits of his victims from memory with encouragement of detectives.

Using a mix of chalk, pastel pencils and watercolours, the killer picturing them in his mind and drew how they looked shortly before he murdered them.


It is hoped the women, thought to be drug addicts, troubled women and prostitutes on the margins of society, will be identified by friends or loved ones.

Authorities are looking for possible links to deaths in Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio and Texas.

Notably each image of the women features red lips with oval eyes which suggests that Little had a certain type he liked to murder.

One has purple hair while another has a headband.

10 Most prolific serial killers in history

  • Erzebet Bathory (Hungary) – Tortured and murdered more than 600 victims from her family estate in Transylvania
  • Harold Shipman (UK) – The doctor from Manchester killed over 215 people
  • Luis Alfredo Gavarito (Colombia) – Confessed to the rape, torture and murder of 140 children
  • Javed Iqbal (Pakistan) – Murdered and mutilated 100 children
  • Delfina and Maria de Jesus Gonzales (Mexico) – The sisters owned a brothel and killed 91 prostitutes and clients
  • Ted Bundy (US) – Admitted killing 36 young women it is thought he may have killed up to 100 girls and young women
  • Andrei Chikatilo (Russia) – Mutilated some of his 53 women and child victims by gnawing on their flesh
  • Jeffrey Dahmer (US) – Confessed to killing 17 young men and boys, slept with and ate some victims after killing them
  • John Wayne Gacy (US) – Killed and raped 33 young men and boys
  • Donald Henry Gaskins (US) – Confessed to murdering 15 people, but is thought to have killed over 100 people

Many of Little's female victims, were found strangled and nude below the waist, and police concluded these murders as sexually-motivated.

Little, a former boxer, also had a penchant for punching women and then throttling them while masturbating.

Immediately after dumping the bodies he would leave town and move on to the next place where he would either take a rest from murdering or go out killing.

Little was brought to Texas for questioning in the case from California, where he was convicted in 2014 in the deaths of  three women in Los Angeles County and sentenced to life without possibility of parole.

DNA evidence collected from old crime scenes was used to match samples of his stored in a criminal database.


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