Faye cops reveal dead male was neighbor, 30, and evidence in his trash led them to tragic girl’s body – The Sun

COPS confirmed the man found dead close to missing girl Faye Swetlik's was named as 30-year-old neighbor as cops say deaths are linked.

Coty Scott Taylor's body was also found in the Cayce neighborhood of Churchill Heights in South Carolina, after Faye's remains were recoved from a wooded area yesterday.

Cayce DPS officer Kevin Antley said a "Critical piece of evidence" found in his trash can led them to the area where Faye was found.

Antley said the dumped item led them back to the area they had already searched earlier in this week – cops had also spoken to Taylor.

"He was not a relative or friend, he was a neighbor he lived in Churchill Heights," Antley told reporters at a briefing this afternoon.

Law enforcement accompanied local Sanitation on their rounds and searched through people's trash cans which unearthed the vital evidence.

"It was a critical piece of evidence that would have been listed on her missing persons flyer," the officer said, saying it narrowed down the woods where Faye was discovered.

Antley said they planned a methodical search of the area and Cayce Department of Public Safety Director Snellgrove located Faye's body.

Officers also confirmed related 911 tapes would be released presently.


"We believe that Faye had not been in that location for a very long time," Antley added, saying Taylor's body was found at his home 602 Picadilly Square, directly beside Faye's duplex.

Faye's body was found in a nearby wood, between her home and the Napa Auto Parts – days after they had searched Taylor's home.

He lived 150 to 200 feet away from where tragic Faye lived with her mom and did not have a criminal record.

His cause of death will be revealed after the autopsy tomorrow.

Although cops said there was no threat to the community and indicated the deaths were linked, they did not specify Taylor played a role in Faye's death.

Antley assured local residents there was no "acitve threat" to the Cayce community after the four-day search.


The news comes as WBTV reported that police cars and Cayce Public Safety Director Byron Snellgrove were at an apartment complex near where Faye lived and disappeared.

The outlet said it's not clear whether this is in connection to Faye's death or the dead man's remains which were found in now sealed-off a wooded area.

This is located right near the entrance to the Churchill Heights apartment complex, second scene close by the duplex where Faye lived with her mom.

Antley refused to reveal the condition of Faye's body but confirmed that she had not been out there for very long.


Faye disappeared after being last seen on Monday playing in her front yard at Londonderry Lane in Cayce, just off Highway 302.

The area has since been seal off today, according to WIS News 10. Cops said there is no threat to the community.

Residents and local kids issued tributes and condolences at a memorial outside Faye's school Springdale Elementary school as they dropped off cards, heart-shaped balloons and flowers on Valentine's Day.

Local cops assisted by the FBI discovered her remains near the body of an adult man after she vanished three days ago.

Community members were asked to check their RING doorbell footage as cops probe for clues during the harrowing investigation.

The tragedy has rocked the close-knit Cayce community where a vigil at Trinity Baptist Church was held on Tuesday for her safe return.

If you have any information, the Public Safety department's hotline is still ongoing 1-803-205-4444.

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