Father's heartbreak after discovering daughter, 11, dead in bedroom

Father’s heartbreak after discovering ‘funny and generous’ daughter, 11, dead in her bedroom when he went to wake her for school

  • The girl’s death still remains uncertain, with coroners ruling out suicide

A father has described his devastation after finding his daughter, 11, dead when he went to wake her up for school.

Roxy-Mae Barber, who her father Michael described as ‘funny and generous’ was found dead in her bedroom on May 4 2022.

Since his daughter’s death, he has been unable to return to his home.

Paying tribute he said: ‘I’m devastated and have not been able to go back into the house where I found Roxy since her death and have been staying with my brother.

‘I’ve now sold it and will be moving in with my partner.

Roxy-Mae Barber’s (pictured) death remains unexplained after she was discovered on May 4 2022 at an address in Whitby Drive, Grimsby

‘We will be bringing all of Roxy’s stuff to the new home however so she can still have a room of her own there.

‘She was beautiful, kind, funny and generous.

The circumstances surrounding the death remain uncertain, with an inquest last week hearing that there was no evidence of suicide or intention.

Roxy-Mae had spoken to her father the previous night, which he believed was a normal conversation.

At approximately at 10:30pm, Michael heard a loud bang in his daughter’s bedroom, but thought nothing of it.

It wasn’t until 7am the next morning, after Michael had knocked on Roxy-Mae’s bedroom door to wake her up before school, that he discovered that she had passed away.

According to a report from the Sun, Coroner Paul Smith concluded that although the act that led to her death was deliberate, Roxy-Mae did not intend the result.

He said: ‘It was a dangerous act to do this and I am reminded that we are dealing with the tragedy of a girl of 11 years of age.

‘There are too many unknowns to judge what the circumstances were or what was in her mind at that time.

‘There is no evidence of suicide or intention.

‘This absence means the most appropriate thing is a narrative conclusion.

‘I thank you all for attending. It goes without saying that you all have my genuine sympathy.

‘This has been very difficult not only for me, but also for members present. I’m sure the memories of her will live on for years to come.’

Roxy-Mae’s mother said at the hearing that she did not believe her daughter’s death was an act of suicide and instead a ‘tragic accident’.

The family garden (pictured) was transformed into a colourful and poignant tribute after the girl’s death

Her father added: ‘She was a pleasure to be around and loved music. She also loved her two pet gerbils, Toffee and Caramel.

‘The memories and love we felt for her will live on forever in our hearts, even though she was only with us for a short time.’

The family’s neighbours came together to pay tribute to her death shortly afterwards,  with the family garden being transformed into a colourful and poignant tribute. 

Mourners were urged to wear colourful clothes in her memory while donations were made to the RSPCA to reflect her love of animals.

According to the funeral notice, Roxy-Mae left behind parents Mike and Tracy, stepmother Nikki, siblings Charlie, Ben and Mason and was a ‘cherished granddaughter, niece and cousin who will be sadly missed.’

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