Father of Rust armorer Hannah Gutierrez Reed says she was sabotaged

Father of young Rust armorer Hannah Reed says gun was SABOTAGED by disgruntled crew member who wanted to ’cause a safety incident’ but didn’t mean for cinematographer Halyna Hutchins to die

  • Hannah Gutierrez Reed’s father, Thell Reed, appeared on GMA on Tuesday 
  • He is a veteran armorer who has worked on films including 3:10 to Yuma 
  • He maintains his daughter did everything right, and checked Baldwin’s gun before handing to Dave Halls, the Assistant Director
  • Both he and Hannah’s attorney say the set was most likely sabotaged by a disgruntled crew member
  • In the days before the accident, several crew members quit in a protest over conditions
  • Reed’s father says he ‘didn’t like’ that she had to supervise both guns and props
  • No one has been arrested yet for the October 21 shooting but the investigation remains ongoing 
  • Baldwin, 63, wept in an interview last week that he didn’t mean to kill Hutchins

The father of the young armorer from Alec Baldwin’s movie Rust says the gun that Alec Baldwin used to kill Halyna Hutchins was ‘sabotaged’  by a disgruntled crew member who wanted to cause a safety incident after having complaints ignored but never intended for anyone to die.

Hannah Gutierrez Reed, 24, was the armorer on the set of the movie on October 21. She says she handed the gun to Assistant Director Dave Halls after checking it, and that he gave it to Baldwin who then accidentally fired it at Hutchins while rehearsing a scene.

No one has been arrested yet and the sheriff’s department is still investigating what exactly happened. 

Last week, Baldwin gave a tearful ABC interview where he said it was not his fault, but he couldn’t say whose fault it was. 

The set had been plagued with safety complaints in the days and hours before the shooting, with some disgruntled staff walking off in the hours before the accident. 

Now, Hannah’s father, veteran film armorer Thell Reed is speaking out in her defense and suggesting that a disgruntled crew member who was fed up with safety issues in set is to blame for the accident. 

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Thell Reed, Hannah Gutierrez Reed’s father, left, appeared on GMA on Tuesday with her attorney, Jason Bowles, right. They believe she was sabotaged 

Hannah Gutierrez Reed, 24. It was only her second movie where she was the lead armorer and she insists she checked the gun thoroughly

In his own interview with ABC’s Good Morning America on Tuesday, Reed said his daughter had been around guns her ‘whole life’ and does as ‘good a job’ as he does.  He has worked on films like 3:10 to Yuma and other Westerns involving guns. 

He maintains that had Hannah been in the church set when Baldwin was given the gun, she would have checked it a final time and found the live round that was placed in it.

‘That one time, they should have had her on set…she would have found it. She knows what to do. She does the job as good as I do now,’ he said. 

Lawyer Jason Bowles said they have proof someone sabotaged her and have given it to the sheriff. 

‘Sabotage is the most likely possibility, probability. A lot of motive there. Somebody wanted to cause a safety incident on set… nobody wanted anybody to be killed.

‘We developed evidence of motive of that. 

Thell Reed with his daughter, armorer Hannah Gutierrez Reed. He maintains she is good at her job and ‘knows what to do’ 

Reed with her father. He says she has grown up around gun safety and is as good at the job as he is. They are shown together on one of his previous jobs 

‘Why Hannah might have been a target… that’s all gone to the sheriff. We’re asking for all of that to be completed before any decision is made on charging,’ he said. 

Asked if he believes his daughter was sabotaged as the lawyer said, Thell said: ‘Yes.’  

Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, 42, died on October 21

In the hours before the shooting, several crew members had walked off set because they were unhappy with the conditions. 

They said that people were being asked to work for too long, compromise safety protocols and travel for at least an hour to and from the set every day because production wouldn’t pay for them to stay closer to it. 

It was only the second film Hannah had been hired for as the lead armorer, and she says she was stretched thin, having to also act as prop master. 

Her father said on Tuesday morning that he ‘didn’t like’ that she had to split her focus between the two jobs. 

‘I didn’t like it, and she complained about it too,’ he said.

He said his daughter had grown up around guns and was competent despite her comparative lack of experience. 

‘She’s been raised around gun safety since she was a little girl. She likes film, she started working with me on the armory and she liked that better.

‘She didn’t need more training… she’s got me,’ he said. 

Alec Baldwin said in an interview last week that he couldn’t say who was responsible for the accident but that it was not him 

Reed’s attorney added that she checked the gun and then handed it to Assistant Director Dave Halls, who has already admitted that he did not check every chamber. 

‘She had two duties, prop duties and armorer duties. She had spun the cylinder, given it to Halls, shown him each of the six rounds, given it to Halls, he was going to take custody of that weapon then.

‘Hannah was outside the church having to do her prop duties,’ he said. 

Her father said on Tuesday he is adamant she will not face charges. 

‘The sheriff’s department will get to the bottom of this. I’m not worried about that at all,’ he said.

Sheriff Adan Mendoza has not yet made any arrests, nor has he ruled anyone out of his investigation. 

He said in an interview with ABC that the investigation remains ongoing. 

Baldwin wept during his interview about shooting Hutchins, a 42-year-old mother. 

He however said he didn’t feel guilty, and that he would have killed himself if he did.  

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