Fang Fang – Michael Flynn says feds should have investigated Eric Swalwell over 'China spy' rather than him and Trump

MICHAEL Flynn has insisted that the Federal Government should have investigated Eric Swalwell over an alleged Chinese spy rather than him and President Donald Trump.

Flynn – the former National Security Advisor who was pardoned by President Donald Trump last month – revealed his thoughts on Fox News' "Sunday Morning Futures".

The retired United States Army lieutenant general told Maria Bartiromo on Fox: "While the counterintelligence structure, and system, and leadership were focused on Mike Flynn and President Donald J. Trump.

"They should have been focused on Swalwell. And I will tell you that if there's one smoking bush there with Swalwell, I guarantee you there's others."

Congressman Eric Swalwell, who has been serving California for seven years, may have been targeted by suspected Chinese honey trap spy Christine Fang.

The spy allegedly had sex with two mayors and targeted Democratic politicians to infiltrate US political circles.

The apparent expose was published by Axios on December 8, however, Swalwell has not been accused of having a sexual relationship with Fang, nor any wrongdoing.

Swalwell, who is married, is one of the youngest members of the House and someone who Fang reportedly helped with funding.

His office told The Sun: "Rep. Swalwell, long ago, provided information about this person — whom he met more than eight years ago, and whom he hasn’t seen in nearly six years — to the FBI. To protect information that might be classified, he will not participate in your story."

Also speaking on Fox News on Sunday, in an exclusive interview with Maria Bartiromo, Representative Jim Jordan said: "There are some fundamental questions here."

Rep Jordan posed some key questions, including: "What did the speaker know when she actually put Swalwell on the Intel Committee?" and "Why is it that it's always the Democrats that get defensive briefings?"

Referring to Nancy Pelosi, Jordan added: "She gets all kinds of briefings.

"She gets briefings I don't get. She gets briefings you don't get certainly, so what did she know when she made that selection?"

Meanwhile, House Speaker Pelosi vehemently defended Swalwell over the "Chinese honey trap spy" reports on Thursday.

Speaking at a Capitol Hill press conference, Pelosi said lawmakers have known for five years about China's attempts to infiltrate political circles here.

"I don't have any concern about Mr Swalwell,” Pelosi told reporters as she slammed House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy for saying Swalwell should lose his House Intelligence Committee seat.

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