Family slam 'inhuman' Royal Mail postman who left fallen OAP, 72, in snow saying 'you wouldn't treat a dog like that'

THE family of an OAP who was left lying in the snow by a postman have labelled him as "inhuman" saying "you wouldn't treat a dog like that".

The Royal Mail worker walked off after watching elderly Patricia Stewart fall in the cold, claiming he was "too knackered" to help.

Shocking footage shows him looking down at her and saying "I can't help you pal", despite her pleas for assistance.

He is then seen walking away from the pensioner's home on Farm Street, Bainsford, Falkirk, on Thursday.

Gran-of-two Pat banged her head but fortunately was not badly hurtalthough she was deeply upset by it.

Shocked niece Sheryl Harkins, 36, said: "He left her really upset and feeling worthless. It is unbelievable.

"When I got told about it I thought there was some kind of misunderstanding.

"I care for my aunt and I visit her four times a day, but she could have been lying there for three hours and caught hypothermia.

"He could have told someone down the street, all our neighbours are fantastic they would do anything to help anyone.

"It is just really so disgusting, the neighbours would have gone to help but nobody heard her shouting."


Admin worker Sheryl added: "It was the coldest night in the UK for 26 years and he left my aunt lying on the ground.

"It just goes against everything, you wouldn't treat a dog like that."

She was stunned when a neighbour showed her video footage and has only been able to watch it twice.

She added: "When I was told about this I couldn't believe it was true. I thought there must be some misunderstanding.

"Then when I saw the video footage I was just disgusted.

"I can't accept this – it's no way for someone to treat another human being."

Luckily Hermes delivery worker Karolina Domska, 22, was in the area and went to Pat's aid.

She stayed with her and called for help from neighbours, and later popped round to see how she was.

Sheryl said Pat was now recovering at home and had a nasty bump on her head.

A manager from Royal Mail visited to the family and an investigation has been launched.

Sheryl said: "I was not due to come round to see her for another three hours, so she could have still been lying there if it wasn't for the Hermes girl."

Sheryl posted the video on Facebook explaining what happened to family and friends.

She said: "Here’s our postman this morning, my aunt had fallen and was lying on the path in the snow!

"If you listen closely you will hear the postman telling my Aunt 'I can’t help you pal I’ve been out working since x time this morning in this weather' and walks away leaving a 72yr old lady lying in the snow!

"Luckily the Hermes girl arrived soon after and done what the postman should have and called on a neighbour to help!

"Thank goodness for that girl because this could have been a very different situation if she hadn’t turned up when she did.

"I honestly don’t have the words for how disgusting this is, for a human being to treat another human being in this manner words fail me."


Sheryl told how her aunt is feeling much better after her fall, as messages of support poured in from Royal Mail workers across the country.

She said: "My aunt's much better now. This guy left her feeling worthless, she was upset that he couldn’t stop and help.

"But it's been quite humbling. We’ve had messages from postmen up and down the country. It reassures you not everyone’s like that."

Royal Mail bosses slammed the incident as they confirmed they were investigating further.

A spokesman for Royal Mail said: "Royal Mail expect the highest standards of behaviour from our people while out on deliveries and collections at all times.

"We regularly remind our postmen and postwomen of the important role they play in their local communities.

"We were very sorry to learn about this incident, and for the distress this incident has caused.

"We are in touch with the customer concerned and will be investigating this incident."

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