Family sets world record for biggest-ever Christmas display with an insane 444 trees and 10,000 ornaments

A FAMILY has set the world record for the biggest- ever Christmas display with an insane 444 trees decorated with 10,000 ornaments.

Thomas and Susane Jeromin who live in Lower Saxony, Germany, have spent months completing the festive display.

The Christmas-loving couple covered their entire flat in Christmas trees for the tenth time CNN reports.

This year they set the world record for the most decorated trees in one place after using 10,000 ornaments and 300 strings of fairy lights to decorate a total of 444 trees.

Record Judge Olaf Kuchenbecker for Germany's Rekord Institute said that "Family Jeromin is really the world leader here".

"There are 444 trees standing this season, or today, here in this house in Rinteln.

"And I have counted all of them, that is indeed correct.

"And what is important for us- for the record – is that the trees are actually fully decorated."

Footage shows all rooms of the flat entirely covered in Christmas decorations, including the bathroom and the hallway.

A work desk, as well as the couple's bed, are also surrounded by festive decorations.

It is unknown how much they spent on Christmas trees and decorations.

Last month a woman revealed she had spent more than the average UK salary on Christmas decorations.

Joanne said she has splashed £35,000 on various decs for the festive season, including a three-metre tall Santa Claus that cost  £800.

Each room has a different theme – with the hallway Candy Cane themed with a giant tree decked in red and white.

Meanwhile, a Poundland superfan revealed how she spent £500 buying every single item on offer.

And a mum admitted she is planning on spending £15,000 on her children this year.

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