Escape hour an abundance of different escape room

EscapeHour.Ca is considered to be one of the very best escape game facilities. The company has two locations, one in Edmonton and another in Calgary. This is great as it gives more people the opportunity to join in on the fun and attempt to make their way out of the escape room. is truly revolutionary in the sense that the company allows individuals to truly become immersed in the game for roughly an hour. Similar escape games in the area tend to not last as long and are lackluster when compared to how well though out and planned the games at Escapehour are.

Speaking of escape games, where you aware of the fact that Escapehour actually offers an abundance of different escape room and locker room game? It is very much true! The company offers a ton of different games with unique themes that visitors are sure to be a fan of. Examples of such themes include the lost jewel of Zanzibar, The curse of the evil genie, Cyperspage, and Prohibition – the lucky duck. There are several new themes that will be making their appearance at escapehour within the near future. Those themes include Bank Heist and a VR experience that will allow customer to truly be as immersed as possible within the game. These are all sure to be great and would be suitable for the whole family.

Escapehour truly cares about each customer and will do everything in their power to ensure that you have an excellent experience. You will have a dedicated gamemaster for your group who will provide you with a truly customized experience and makes sure that the visit was what you were expecting. On top of that, the assigned gamemasters can even assist you in successfully making an escape out of the room. However, it is totally fine if you would like to opt out of that option!