Elon Musk blames colleges for turning his trans daughter against him

Elon Musk blames woke colleges for turning his transgender daughter Vivian, 18, against him and accuses America’s elite institutions of teaching ‘full-on communism’

  • In an new long-form interview with the Financial Times, Elon Musk blamed America’s educational institutions for turning his daughter against him
  • The world’s wealthiest man claimed that in universities: ‘It’s full-on communism . . . and a general sentiment that if you’re rich, you’re evil’ 
  • Musk’s daughter, Vivian, 18, filed legal documents in California in April to change her name and her gender identity in order to distance herself from her father
  • The application was accepted in June
  • Musk said his relationship with Vivian might change in the future but shrugged it off, saying: ‘Can’t win them all’ 

Elon Musk has blamed America’s woke colleges for turning his transgender daughter Vivian against him. 

In a new interview with the Financial Times, the world’s richest man blamed ‘neo-Marxists’ in elite schools and universities for the estrangement between him and his daughter.

He added: ‘It’s full-on communism . . . and a general sentiment that if you’re rich, you’re evil.’

It is unclear where Vivian goes to school, and Musk offered no further details on his allegation. Woke students seeking to ban and censor views they consider offensive have gained a foothold in many liberal schools and universities across the US.

The long-form interview was part of the newspaper’s Lunch with the FT series. During the Q&A, Musk also touched on issues relating to Donald Trump’s social network and politics in general. 

The South African blamed ‘neo-Marxists’ in elite schools and universities for the estrangement between him and his daughter

Vivian Wilson, whose mother is writer Justine Wilson, pictured in Los Angeles in September 

Musk, the father of nine, appeared to shrug off having a relationship with Vivian by saying: ‘It may change, but I have very good relationships with all the others. Can’t win them all.’ 

Vivian, who was born a biological male and given the name Xavier Alexander Musk, submitted a legal petition to change her name and her gender back in April.

She told a California court she wanted to be known as Vivian Jenna Wilson, in part to distance herself from her father, who is worth close to $272 billion.

That petition was granted in June. Her mother is Canadian writer is Justine Wilson. 

Musk once famously tweeted: ‘I absolutely support trans, but all these pronouns are an esthetic nightmare.’ And: ‘Pronouns suck.’ 

Later in the FT interview, Musk said someone who is twice the age of the average age of the United States should not be in charge, a not-so-thinly veiled jab at President Joe Biden. 

Musk also spoke about his behavior on Twitter, saying: ‘Aren’t you entertained? I play the fool on Twitter and often shoot myself in the foot and cause myself all sorts of trouble . . . I don’t know, I find it vaguely therapeutic to express myself on Twitter. It’s a way to get messages out to the public.’

Speaking about politics, Musk said he was considering launching his own political action committee that will support candidates who are more moderate known as the Super Moderate Super PAC. 

Musk is the father of nine children

Talulah Riley, one-time fiancée of Elon Musk, chairman and chief executive officer of Tesla Motors, walks with Vivian, on the left, in 2010 

Musk holding Vivian’s twin brother, Griffin, alongside Riley in 2010

The Tesla founder earlier hinted support for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis if the Republican ran for the presidency in 2024.   

Musk spoke about the other favorite for the Republican nomination, Donald Trump, in the Financial Times feature. 

He called the former Apprentice host’s social platform Truth Social ‘essentially a right-wing echo chamber. It might as well be called Trumpet.’ 

Musk previously made it clear that he did not hate Trump but said he hoped the former president would ‘hang up his hat and sail into the sunset.’

In July, during a rally in Alaska, Trump called Musk a ‘bulls*** artist.’  

When talking about his proposed deal to buy Twitter, Musk said: ‘I’m not doing Twitter for the money. It’s not like I’m trying to buy some yacht and I can’t afford it. I don’t own any boats.’

He went on: ‘But I think it’s important that people have a maximally trusted and inclusive means of exchanging ideas and that it should be as trusted and transparent as possible.’

Musk continued: ‘Twitter is certainly an invitation to increase your pain level. I guess I must be a masochist.’

He previously stated that he would reinstate many of those who had been banned from Twitter if he took over, a move that would hurt the relevancy of Truth Social.  

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