DVLA ban a series of rude new 20 and 70 number plates to stop cheeky drivers causing a stir

MOTORING chiefs have outlawed a series of rude numberplates including AS70 HLE, BS20 TRD and BO7O OCK.

Others barred from the roads include FC70 KER, SH70 AGR, BO70 LOX, SL20 PER, SL20 GGS and BL70 JOB.

DVLA bosses trawled through all combinations of letters and numbers with the new 20 and 70-plates to try and stop cheeky drivers causing a stir.

The expert panel put the brakes on dozens including GO20 HEL, PR20 ZZY and FF20 KER, as well as SC20 TUM and VA70 GNA.

The numbering system introduced in 2000 left roads bosses red-faced last year when the 69 plate came out in September.

Dozens managed to slip the net with drivers managing to buy plates including ME69 LOL, ME69 GAG, ME69 PSE, LV69 JZZ, BG69 WLY, SX69 DNG.

DVLA chiefs prioritise combinations that can be deemed racist or politically offensive.

This year they stopped controversial numbers including LE70 ZRR, PO2O FTR, DR70 UGS, TE70 ROR, JH20 HAD and GO70 WAR.

The DVLA said: “The vast majority are made available but we ensure they do not cause embarrassment or are in poor taste.

“The reasons for banning a plate can be based on political, racial and religious concerns.”

Banned Plates

The full list of banned number plates by the DVLA are as follows:

  • AS70 HLE
  • BS20 TRD
  • BU70 GGR
  • FC70 KER
  • SH70 AGR
  • BO70 LOX
  • SL20 PER
  • SL20 GGS
  • BL70 JOB
  • GO20 HEL
  • SC20 TUM
  • VA70 GNA
  • FA70 NNY
  • TE70 ROR
  • JH20 HAD
  • PR02 ZZY
  • HO20 KER

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