Driver's brutal reply after neighbour leaves angry note on his car to complain about his parking

THIS is a driver's brutal reply after a neighbour left an angry note on his car complaining about his parking.

After making a fuss about him parking in the space for two weeks and threatening to get the council involved – the driver outwitted the complainer with his response.

The driver posted the encounter on Reddit, explaining: “Found an angry note on my car today. I replied.”

He posted the original photocopied note next to his letter of reply – which was slotted onto his car window.

The angry note to him read: “This is a public car park. You have taken parking spaces for two weeks.

“This is not fair on residents whom rely on this car park. The council have been informed!”

And the brutal driver replied with his own witty letter back.

He said: “To the writer of this note,

“Firstly, I would like to thank you for the vigour with which you are defending residents’ right to park in this public car park.

“I have not taken parking spaces for two weeks, as you claim, but actually two years with this vehicle and six years if we’re including my previous vehicle."

He continued: “I agree that it is annoying when there aren’t any spaces left in this car park, however that is the nature of a public car park and it’s something we all have to live with.

“For at least three nights last week I had to park on [road name].

“While I appreciate your opinion, I will be continuing to use this car park, where spaces permit, for the foreseeable future.

“I would have thought that my house being 200ft away from this car park qualified me as a resident.

“If you’d like to discuss this in more detail, I would welcome the opportunity to hear what the council’s response was to being informed that a car has parked in a public car park.”

Thousands of Brits liked the sarcastic post, with one person commenting: "There's nothing more British than a passive aggressive note about parking, especially when ‘The Council’ is invoked.”

“Never underestimate the irritation that parking issues can lead to,” added another. “It really can bring the worst out in people.”

Other amused users shared their own parking war stories.

One person said: “I once got a letter for parking on the street outside someone’s house, it was on a public road where I was legally permitted to park, I wasn’t blocking access or anything.

“I’ve never seen such vitriol in a simple note about how they should be the only person allowed to park on a public road outside their house.”

Another added: “Reminds me of the time someone left a note on my flatmates car, adamant that the parking was residents only and that he should use the public car park two streets down.

"Except the car park two streets down is actually private, it's not residents only parking.”

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