Dozens injured by falling LED screens at rap concert in Germany

Berlin: Twenty-eight people have been injured when a wall of LED screens fell from the stage area of an open-air rap concert in western Germany during a storm.

Two people were seriously injured in the incident, which occurred during a performance by rappers Marteria and Casper on the outskirts of the city of Essen that was attended by some 18,000 people.

Dozens were injured at the Marteria & Casper concert.

The German weather service had issued a storm warning at 7.30pm on Saturday.

"There was a short, but powerful storm," said a spokesman for the service.

Doctors treated around 150 people at the concert, many of whom were suffering from shock. Darkness and rain made their work difficult.

Although the rappers initially continued their performance, heavy rain brought it to an end shortly afterwards.

Criminal police began an investigation and officers wearing helmets examined the stage and the LED screens, which lay in pieces on the ground, according to a DPA reporter.


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