Door is closing on 'knock, knock' jokes — as many young people have never heard one

THE door is closing on “knock, knock” jokes — as many young people have never heard one.

Blank-faced millennials would not think to ask “who’s there?” for the gag, which is as old as Shakespeare.

A poll — not undertaken door to door — found 20 per cent of under 30s have not been told a knock, knock joke.

Some 75 per cent of all ages said they are old-fashioned and not as funny as they used to be.

But experts say it will be no joke if they do die out, after first appearing in Macbeth in 1606.

David Arnold, of data agency Perspectus Global, said: “The classic ‘knock, knock’ joke is part of our national heritage.

“However funny or unfunny they may be, they still have the ability to put a much-needed smile on our faces.”

Nottingham is UK knock, knock joke capital – where a third found them funny.   

Knock, knock

KNOCK, knock jokes can’t be allowed to die out, or we’ll miss rib-ticklers like this one:

Knock, knock!

Who’s there?


Doctor Who?

Yes, how did you know?

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