Don’t press paws! Pet dogs transfixed by tonight’s Dynasties episode

Don’t press paws! Britain’s pets are transfixed by latest episode of Dynasties as show follows pack of endangered African wild dogs in Zimbabwe

  • Sir David Attenborough’s latest episode of ndew show captivated Britain’s pets
  • Twitter users shared snaps of their dogs climbing on TV stands to get closer view
  • Tonight’s episode followed a family feud between pack of African painted wolves

Sir David Attenborough’s Dynasties has captivated the nation every Sunday for the last few weeks – but tonight’s episode had pets transfixed on the screen too.

Episode four focused on a pack of endangered African wild dogs, also known as painted wolves, and followed a violent mother-daughter feud.

Viewers uploaded dozens of images of their dogs – and cats – pressed against their TV screens completely enthralled in the drama.  

Lesley’s pooch Marvin ‘got up close and personal’ to get a better view of tonight’s episode

Dan Pegler shared an image of his dog resting its paws on the TV stand while transfixed on the screen

Nicola McKenna’s pup got as close as she possibly could to the TV to watch the wild dogs

Paul said his dog Sizzle was glued to the box during the scene in which the wolves attacked baboons

This dog’s tail is seen wagging as it perches itself directly in front of the screen – just in time for the scene where newborn puppies are revealed

Some were pictured resting their paws on the television stand with their ears raised and tails wagging.

Others were perched directly in front of the screen wide-eyed with their necks pointing straight upward.

  • Torn to pieces by the pack: Wild dogs rip baboons apart…

    Lion cubs born in David Attenborough’s Dynasties documentary…

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Many users congratulated Sir David Attenborough and the BBC for ‘gaining a new fan’.

Gillian tweeted: ‘He’s not been able to tear his eyes away from the screen. I think the BBC have a new fan.’  

Cats too were enthralled by the show tonight. Lee Matthews took several shots of Jack trying to make sense of the drama

Mrs Woods uploaded a photo of her cat sitting on top of her laptop to get a better view of the TV

Nicola was concerned that her cat was so transfixed on the screen that it might knock the TV over

Lee Matthews said: ‘Jack is absolutely mesmerised by Dynasties.’

Paul Henny commented: ‘Somebody is enjoying watching the big dogs!’

Ross Thomas wrote: ‘Clive the cat is glued to this week’s helping to this week’s Dynasties – with a particular interest in how elephants reach tall trees.’ 

A scene that warmed the hearts of viewers showed Tait emerging with two new puppies

The baby wolf took its first few steps after its mother hid them in a burrow to keep them safe

Viewers also admitted that tonight’s show brought them to tears on multiple occassions.

One harrowing scene showed the painted wolves being cornered by a pack of hyenas who managed to kill one of the puppies. 

Social media users were emotional when a pack of hyenas cornered the wild dogs and stole one of the puppies

The hyena carries the baby away in its mouth after successfully killing it in the harrowing scene

In an equally emotional scene, Sir David Attenborough explained that the mother and leader of the pack of wild dogs, Tait, had passed away trying to escape a pride of lions.

Next week a Tigress attempts to protect her cubs, while fighting off battling rivals who try to steal her land, in the final episode of the series. 

Last week’s installment focused on a female-led lion pride on Kenya’s Masai Mara, saw cats up and down the country pawing at the screen trying to touch their distant relations. 

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