‘Diary’ written by ‘tourist who visited Sex Island resort’

‘Diary’ written by ‘tourist who visited Sex Island resort’ describes in detail events said to have taken place including golf tournaments where the prize was an orgy with 100 women

  • ‘Ryan from New York’ claimed to be lifting the lid on what ‘really’ happens 
  • He claims to be one of the guests attending the £4,600 Sex Island festival
  • Ryan writes with time-stamped precision the ‘details’ of the four-day event

A ‘diary’ supposedly written by a married dentist who attended an infamous Sex Island festival has emerged online – apparently written in between drug-fuelled romps. 

‘Ryan from New York’, who also attended the risque event last year, claimed to be lifting the lid on what ‘really’ happens at the £4,600 hedonistic extravaganza.

In the online diary, Ryan writes with time-stamped precision how the four-day festival began on a luxury yacht in the Caribbean, where guests were greeted by a group of prostitutes.

Apparently while on the luxury yacht to the hotel private beach on Venezuela’s Margarita Island, Ryan noted down that some of the other guests were ‘physically shaking’ with nerves as they met the girls.

A ‘diary’ supposedly written by a married dentist who attended an infamous Sex Island festival has emerged online

However, Ryan proved to be a self-confessed expert due to his previous visit, and quickly ‘sneaked in and chose the best-looking two girls’, who would seemingly be at his beck and call for the next few days.

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He added that the booze was flowing for the guests and he quickly escorted his two chosen girls to one of the bedrooms downstairs – but not before jotting this down in his ‘diary’.

Ryan said that once the group arrived on the island they were handed their keys to the rooms, ensuring that he marked down the exact time of 2.20pm.

‘Ryan from New York’, who also attended the risque event last year, claimed to be lifting the lid on what ‘really’ happens at the £4,600 hedonistic extravaganza

However another threesome was off the cards for Ryan after the ‘long flight and ALL that sex on the yacht’, so he claims instead they lay on the bed and crashed out. 

At 5.30pm later that day Ryan wrote that ‘his girls’ woke him for dinner, before adding that the buffet options were steak and chicken, because obviously during a four-day orgy you would be sure to take note of the food on offer.

The night’s evening entertainment appeared to consist of one guy being showered with attention from a group of lap dancers because it was his birthday, with Ryan adding that the rest of the men were sick with jealously.

The sex-centred weekend consisted of several activities including a golf orgy tournament, topless tennis and salsa classes

Shortly after the night club opened drugs began to get passed around and Ryan, who is married with two children, said that they were offering every type of drug you could imagine.

At 9pm he whipped out his diary to report that he had began sniffing cocaine with his two girls, before half of the other women apparently began performing a live lesbian sex show.

The men were then asked whether they would like to join in, and Samuel, who according to Ryan was the ‘macho man of the group, willingly took on the thankless challenge.

The guests are allegedly each able to chose two girls who offer them ‘unlimited sex’ all weekend

Despite this being around 50 different girls judging by Ryan’s estimation of ‘half’ of all of the women on the island.

However Samuel wasn’t alone for long, as Ryan revealed that almost all of the party began having a ‘huge orgy’, but sadly he ‘did so much drugs that he blacked out’.

After a whirlwind first day Ryan woke in bed beside the two ‘hottest’ girls and headed for food and then onto an orgy golf tournament.

He reported back from the event at 2.30pm that just half of the men competed in the tournament – himself included of course – where they were cheered on by ‘sexy girls’.

They are greeted by the girls on a luxury yacht which takes them to Venezuela’s Margarita Island

Sadly Ryan admitted he wasn’t very good at golf and another of the guests who ‘plays a lot’ won the prize of having sex with 100 girls for 15 minutes, who are largely from Venezuela and Colombia, as well as a ‘really horny girl’ from Canada, Ryan said.

Next on the schedule was topless salsa lessons, however Ryan thought that this was a bit of an anti-climax following the orgy golf competition.

So instead he invited ‘macho’ Samuel to his room with their girls for a ‘mini orgy’ which they took pictures of, but noted that he must hide them from his wife.

But the widely-circulating diary of detailed events online is nothing to worry about, Ryan.

Highlights from the rest of his evening include heading back to the club and doctors, lawyers, and another dentist, as well as a man from the Middle East who had paid for two extra girls.

As well as two couples of swingers who ended up having sex but later fell out because their husbands paid to much attention to the other woman, Ryan appeared to find the fight funny as he noted ‘lol’, in his diary.

Following yet another night of relentless sex, Ryan woke at 12.30pm, without appearing to have contacted his wife and family once, it is unclear where she thinks he is.

The final day consisted of a game of strip tennis, where the players removed an item of clothing every time their opponent scored a point.

However Ryan doesn’t take to the time how this worked logistically as it can’t be presumed their are enough tennis courts to cater for all of the guests.  

The highlight of his day appeared to be a jet ski ride, where he was able to watch the topless girls and ‘their breasts bouncing up and down with the waves’. 

His last entry, which was written at 7pm last night and somehow made it onto the internet by today while he travels home from the festival, stated that things were about to get ‘rowdy’, and he couldn’t predict what was about to happen. 

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