'Dead person' voter Trump team pointed to as proof of fraud is ALIVE — and she confirms she voted for Biden

A TRUMP CAMPAIGN claim that a vote in Georgia came from a "dead" person was proved wrong by the 94-year-old woman who cast the vote.

Agnes Blalock came forward to the world – and the Trump campaign – she's still alive, and she indeed did case her ballot.

"It was a mail ballot," the Covington, Georgia resident said.

Blalock had sent in a mail-in ballot with her name listed as "Mrs. James Blalock," in honor of her late husband who died in 2006.

The confusion took over Trump supporters on social media, with a Trump campaign email listing the name of her late husband as among hundreds of deceased people who had apparently voted in the 2020 election.

"Mr. James Blalock of Covington, Georgia, a World War II veteran, voted in the election. The only problem? He passed away 14 years ago, in January 2006. Sadly, Mr. Blalock is a victim of voter fraud," read a Trump War Room tweet.

However Blalock says she was simply trying to honor her husband and wrote her name as she usually does, by adding "Mrs" in a practice common decades ago.

As Georgia goes through a hand recount in the coming weeks to affirm Joe Biden's 14,000 lead over Trump, Blalock said she's going to address the confusion and make sure her vote gets counted.

"I’m going to get that changed," she said.

She did joke about the Trump campaign listing her passed husband's name as someone who "voted" in the campaign to affirm its claim of voter fraud.

"I don’t have an email," she said, "I don’t have any of that stuff."

She did say it offered a heads up to fix the problem.

"That has been straightened out by the elections office in Covington," she added.

Among other points in contention for the Trump campaign is that Blalock only voted for president while leaving lower offices blank, however, Blalock has a simple answer.

"'A lot of the things I didn’t even vote because I didn’t even know some of them," she said.

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