De Blasio to honor cop who donated kidney after seeing Times Square billboard

The NYPD hero who donated his kidney to a complete stranger after being inspired by a Times Square billboard will be recognized by Mayor Bill de Blasio during Thursday’s State of the City address, The Post has learned.

Detective Michael Lollo, 46, received an email from the mayor’s office Wednesday announcing they would like to honor him for selflessly donating his kidney to the wife of a Marine Corps vet in December, he said.

“I accept any and all accolades with the caveat [that] I want to use it to create awareness for other people to donate,” he told The Post.

“Obviously, getting an award is very cool, but I see it as another opportunity [to] try and convince someone out there to donate a kidney.”

Lollo, who works for the department’s elite Intelligence Bureau, had tried to donate his kidney to Long Island resident Marc Weiner, 53, after reading about his plight in The Post in August.

Weiner’s wife’s former colleague had commissioned a massive billboard above the Crossroads of the World seeking a kidney donor to spare him from undergoing dialysis three times a week.

While he was not a match for Weiner, Lollo decided to continue with the grueling process so that he could still donate to a complete stranger.

When he learned more about his recipient — a 59-year-old mom and wife to a 25-year Marine veteran — “I started getting emotional,” he said at the time.

“He’s dedicating himself to the country and obviously she’s supporting him.”

In turn, the Marine donated one of his kidneys to another anonymous person in need.

Lollo went under the knife on Dec. 19 after his initial Dec. 4 surgery date was delayed.

He and Weiner have since spoken, and Weiner even paid him a visit while he was recovering in the hospital.

“He said, ‘You know, even though you weren’t a match for me, the fact that you still went ahead and donated…saved a life,’” Lollo recalled. “Just the fact that that article prompted me to look into donation … it just brings tears to his eyes.”

“He’s still in need of a kidney,” Lollo noted.

The 19-year NYPD veteran hasn’t had the chance to meet — or even talk to — the woman who received his kidney, but has gotten occasional updates from hospital coordinators.

“They just said that she’s doing — they put the capital letters for ‘really’ — she’s doing really well,” he said. “To know that your kidney traveled to Maryland and was transplanted, and the woman had immediate, for the most part immediate normal kidney function — that’s all I need to hear.”

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