De Blasio delays layoffs of 22,000 NYC workers in hopes of securing state loan

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio will delay sending pink slips to 22,000 municipal employees in the hopes of securing a massive loan from the state government.

“Unions are working hard to find a creative solution, and asked for more time,” said mayoral spokesman Bill Neidhardt.

“If this delay can help us prevent even one layoff, it’s worth it. But this is all just temporary. To stop these layoffs altogether, there is a simple solution: long-term borrowing,” Neidhardt added.

City workers were expected to learn if they’d lose their jobs on Oct. 1 by Monday.

De Blasio announced the potential cuts in June, saying they were necessary to create $1 billion in savings needed to balance the budget with the Big Apple’s coronavirus-starved coffers.

After the federal government failed to provide another stimulus to help cities struggling from the pandemic, de Blasio turned to Albany to pass a measure that would let New York City borrow $5 billion.

The state senate’s been resistant to the plan, citing de Blasio’s failure to provide details of his plan or personally lobby for it.

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