Dad of Navy SEAL killed in Benghazi says is was 'covered up' and believes Biden is not fit to be president

THE father of a Navy SEAL who died in the Benghazi terror attack has claimed the truth about his son's death was covered up by the Barack Obama-Joe Biden administration, who misled the American people.

Charles Woods, who lost his son Ty Woods in the attack, believes authorities didn't send a rescue team for those under siege in the 2012 attack in the Libyan city of Benghazi because "dead men can't talk".

He also hit out at presidential candidate Biden for his behavior in the aftermath of Benghazi – when he made a crude remark about his son's dead body – and said he believes he is not fit to be president.

Ty, a CIA contractor and former SEAL, died during an Islamic militant attack against two US targets – the American diplomatic compound and a CIA annex in Benghazi.

Woods, a former judge, was told officially that there were no military personnel in the area at the time to be able to launch a rescue attempt during the hours-long siege.

He has now hit out at this claim – telling The Sun he has spoken to several well placed military sources who told him not only were there teams ready and willing to be deployed – they were specifically told not to launch a rescue mission.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, Woods, who lives in Oregon, said: "Now what really bothered me after this, I had this quandary. Why was there no rescue attempt?

"If there'd been even a slight military presence, Ty's life would have been saved. The ambassador wouldn't have been killed. But there was no military action for 13 hours.

"So in order to find out that question, I sent a letter to our then president Obama, and basically what I asked him was if your family member had been present in Benghazi, would you have done anything differently?

"And he was gracious enough to take time out from his busy schedule. And he sent me a letter… and he said, 'I directed my national security thing team to do everything possible'. Now the question is everything possible to save the people in Benghazi? Or everything possible to make sure that dead men don't talk?

"That's the question, which one of those things did you direct your security team to do? Nothing was done.

"The other thing he said was that there were no military troops in the immediate area, and none of them could have gotten there within 13 hours.

"The final thing that he said was that, 'If one of my children was in Benghazi, I would have done nothing differently'."

Woods said he remained suspicious about the official version of events but had nothing to prove his misgivings about the situation until a year and a half ago, when he did an interview on an online radio show, which put out a plea for any military officials who had any firsthand knowledge to reach out to him.

He says several military sources contacted him with information telling them there were two military operations AFRICOM and CENTCOM, which had bases in Rammstein, Germany and Tampa, Florida.

Part of their mission was to send rescue teams anywhere in the world 24 hours a day on very short notice.

"The day before Washington D.C. knew there was going to be an attack," Woods says he was told by his sources.

"So [CENTCOM rescue team] they're in Tampa, they were doing a meaningless exercise called forward look, and the people were complaining, 'Hey, we need to cut this thing out. There's lives that need to be saved over in Benghazi.'

"They wouldn't cut it out. Finally after eight and a half hours, it ended.

"And instead of saying, 'Okay, now we're going to take care of business,' they said, 'We have been told not to do anything because the State Department is in charge.

"Now, speaking as an attorney, this is a chain of command. The military does not take orders from Secretary of State Clinton.

"The military takes orders from the commander in chief, who was President Obama, unless of course, President Obama tells the military 'Do not obey me concerning Benghazi obey secretary of state Clinton', which obviously is what had to happen.

"So there was collusion between those two individuals."

The Benghazi terror attack has long been the subject of several conspiracy theories including those spread by the highly controversial QAnon group – but Woods rejects the idea his beliefs are conspiratorial.

He says he has also spoken on video to military whistleblower Nick Noe, who worked at Ramstein Air Base in Germany at the time of the Benghazi attack.

Noe says he worked on combat operations and had access to several different assets for the Africa and Middle East area – including a rescue team but he was never asked to deploy during the attacks.

He also claims Nato offered its help, but was denied, they had enough marines in Spain to "invade the country" as well as armed and unarmed drones across the area that could have easily got to Benghazi in a short time.

"That's exactly the opposite and disproves what president Obama told me when he said troops couldn't get there and he'd do everything possible to save them," Woods said.

"It wasn't do everything possible to save those people. It's do everything possible to make sure that dead men don't talk."

Woods said he also spoke to former congressman Jason Chaffetz, who traveled to Benghazi with General Carter Ham, who was a four star general in charge of Africa in the aftermath of the attack.

General Ham told congress in 2013 that there were no assets close enough to have had an impact on the attack – which allegedly contradicts what he told Chaffetz at the time.

"He [Chaffetz] said several times on that trip, General Ham told him 'We didhave assets immediately available in the area, but I was never authorized to use them'," Woods said.

"He [Chaffetz] said that on Fox news several times. He's also said that to me personally, several times.

"I could hardly wait for General Ham to testify before the Congress. And when he finally did, this is what Jason Chaffetz said 'General Ham three times, I have talked to you and three times you've told me different stories.'

"Unfortunately, he [General Ham] was not a man of principle. He was compromised. I don't know how he can have the blood of the heroes in Benghazi on his hands and be able to sleep at night."

Chaffetz confirmed the account of his conversations with General Ham were correct, telling The Sun: "It's all true…It's sad really, people like Charles Woods deserve the truth and the American people deserve the truth and they never got it."

Woods said he believed a rescue was never sent to help the "Benghazi heroes" because they knew something that the Obama-Biden administration did not want to get out.

"I can't give you the actual process, the reasons that were going through their [the Obama-Biden administration's] minds, but it's obvious to everyone that there was a reason that they did not rescue," he said.

"And the reason that they told misstatements of fact was because they're hiding something. They did not want the truth to come out.

"And the truth was that they were allowed to die."

Woods hit out at presidential candidate Biden over his behavior following the Benghazi crisis including when he contradicted the State Department and said he wasn’t aware of requests for more security in Libya before the attack.

He also recalls the day his son's body was flown into Andrew's Air Base and said shockingly Biden made a crude remark about his son's anatomy.

"When the bodies came in to Andrews air force base, the families were in four parts of this large, large room and we had couches. Clinton and Obama came around and circulated and spoke to the individual parents and the family.

"And Biden came by and the first time, he mentioned something about losing a couple of family members and that was fine.

"And then he was gone for awhile and then he came back and then from a certain distance away, at least 10 feet away in a really loud voice – he kind of shouted at me 'Did your son always have balls the size cue balls?

"I decided to be a gentleman. If I hadn't been a gentleman, I probably would have said something like, 'Has your brain always been as small as another part of your anatomy?'

"But I took the high road… what went through my mind was 'he's number two and he's basically a clown what if he ever became the number one? It's a scary thing to think that he would be the head of the most powerful nation in the world.

"My feelings towards Joe Biden as far as Benghazi is concerned, I think that when he says we've never received any requests for help, that's been totally disproved….So obviously his credibility is questioned here."

Woods has long campaigned for answers over his son's death – in 2016 he and the family of another Benghazi victim sued Hillary Clinton alleging her lax security surrounding her emails led to their deaths.

They also accused her of slandering the parents of the deceased by giving them contradictory accounts of what happened. The case was dismissed.

Woods and three other families also claimed Clinton blamed the attack on a YouTube video called the Innocence of Muslims, which she denied.

In 2016, he challenged Clinton to take a lie detector test to prove she didn't blame the terror attack on the video.

Woods, a Trump supporter, says he is speaking out now because he wants the American people to know Tyrone's story ahead of election day.

"Ty loved our country so much that he was willing to give his life, to protect our country. And I'm a fighter as well. I'm an old man, but I'm a fighter," he said.

"And I want to fight to make sure that our country has the traditional values of family, God and country.

"Those are the three things I feel are being attacked by the people on the left, the progressives… That's why I am fighting this fight. And it's imperative."

Talking about his son Ty, Woods has fond memories of his childhood and his dedication to being a Navy SEAL and fighting for his country.

"When he was about five-years-old, we moved to 9,000 acre ranch in Long Creek, Oregon. And that was one of the things that made him a SEAL," Woods said.

"We'd give him a 22, and a box of ammunition and he'd go out there and he'd be gone all day shooting, ground squirrels, he was very independent, riding horses, going hunting.

"He really enjoyed that adventurous sort of life. And as soon as he graduated from high school, he went into the Navy and in his words, 'Not to scrape barnacles off the bottom of the ship, but to be a Navy SEAL', which is exactly what he did.

“He did that for 20 years. Finally, he retired and once you’re a SEAL, you’re always a SEAL.

“So occasionally I get a phone call and he’d say, ‘Dad, I’ve accepted this assignment. And I can’t tell you where I’m going or when I’m going to get back.’

"Finally the last phone call I had from him, he had a brand new baby boy that was just a couple of days old. And he said, 'Dad I can't tell you where I'm going. It's a business trip to the middle East."

Heartbreakingly, Ty had decided this would be his last assignment and he was due to return home before the Benghazi attack, but offered to stay longer so his friend could go on a hunting trip.

"Ty was generous enough to say, 'Hey, look, I'll stay an extra month, you go'. And so that's what happened.

"He had already told them 'Because I have a brand new baby, this is the last assignment that I will ever take because of my family. And don't bother to call me again'.

"He was supposed to come back six days after 9/11, when he was killed.

"Financially he did not have to work but he was asked (by a relative): 'Why would you leave your family, your brand new babyand do something so dangerous as this?

"And he said, 'If I don't go, who will, that's how self sacrificing and how patriotic he was. He loved our country'."

Joe Biden and General Ham did not respond to request for comment.

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