Cruel bullies caused 13-year-old to nearly faint from not eating

‘You will NEVER break my daughter’: Defiant mother’s message to ‘cruel fat-shaming bullies’ who caused 13-year-old to nearly faint from not eating – as 85,000 rally in support of teenager

  • Jayne Sloman has slammed bullies that have taunted her daughter
  • Dennimay Sloman dropped to the floor with exhaustion following abuse
  • Items were stolen from her bag and a ring she owned was smashed to pieces 
  • The bullies have allegedly mocked her clothes and her appearance 

A defiant mother has slammed cruel bullies who taunted her daughter for her weight after the 13-year-old began to refuse food due to the constant taunting.

85,000 people have now rallied in support for the teenager after her mother posted an emotional message on Facebook. 

Jayne Sloman’s daughter Dennimay Sloman physically dropped to the floor from exhaustion when she returned home from school following a cruel campaign of abuse from bullies who have allegedly taunted her about her weight.

Jayne Sloman (right) had posted a defiant message to bullies who have taunted her daughter Dennimay (left)

During one incident at the school she attends in Derby, a poppy, which had been given to the 13-year-old by her soldier brother, had been stolen from her bag and a Pandora ring had been smashed into pieces.

Her heartbroken mother Jayne decided to take matters into her own hands and posted an emotional Facebook status aimed at the bullies, which has garnered the attention of 85,000 people and has been shared around 30,000 times.

Jayne was forced to act when Dennimay returned home from Merrill Academy and collapsed to the floor, revealing the harrowing ordeal she was going through. MailOnline has contacted the school for comment. 

Dennimay Sloman (pictured above) has allegedly been bullied since joining Merrill Academy in September 

Jayne’s post said: ‘To the little bitches who say her hair is greasy says her acrylics are shit and that’s she’s a slag and fat and ugly and has s*** hair s*** shoes s*** school bag, charity shop clothes s*** in sports the list is endlesssssss….

‘She says thanks for going in her bag and throwing everything everywhere and thanks for stealing her pack lunch and thanks for breaking her Pandora ring in 3 pieces (while) she was in PE…..

‘They earned Dennimay a afternoon off school and a trip to town tmoro for a McDonald’s and a trip to Pandora for a new ring ❤

The original post which Jayne Sloman had put on Facebook on December 4

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The Class Act salon (left) offered Dennimay a pamper session where they treated her to a new hair style (right)

‘You can break and steal my girls items we will replace every item but you will NEVER break her mentally EVER……

‘She will always have this smile on her face 

‘Good luck to you thinking back in several years what horrid b***** you was!’

People have now poured in with help and offers in time for Christmas, with one beauty salon even giving Dennimay a pamper session. 

Jayne, 38, said: ‘She’s been through hell. The bullying has escalated since she joined her school in September. She gets called a slag, fat, told her nails are rubbish, everything. They have spread false rumours and gossip about her.

Alongside the post Jayne Sloman had included a picture of Dennimay (left) and a picture of her broken Pandora ring (right)

‘She dyed her hair to try and fit in but then got told it was horrible. It’s made her so insecure. The name calling and constant bullying is horrendous.

‘She’s always checking herself in the mirror because she’s insecure. She keeps asking me if she’s fat and if she has a double chin. She’ll ask me to leave food off her plate because girls at school say it’s fattening.

‘She sometimes refuses to eat because she doesn’t want to get fat. She’s started to believe she is rubbish and fat. It’s cruel bullying. She’s none of those things.’

Merrill Academy in Derby (pictured above) where Dennimay attends as a pupil

Jayne added: ‘They are mentally breaking her. It’s heartbreaking. They’re trying to change who she is.

‘I’ve been very worried because she’s a young girl and they’re being very cruel. She’s now worried about how she looks and it’s badly damaging her confidence.

‘It’s horrible. She’s always checking herself out in the mirror because she’s worried they’ll be cruel to her.’  

Merrill Academy’s anti-bullying policy

In a ten-paged document, head teacher Marcus Shepherd highlights the school’s anti-bulling policy.

The school follows the DCSF (Department for Children Schools and Families)  Safe to Learn, 2007, guidance which defines bullying as: ‘Behaviour by an individual or group, usually repeated over time, that intentionally hurts another individual or group either physically or emotionally’. Bullying can be direct or indirect and includes: verbal abuse, physical bullying, emotional bullying. racist bullying, sexual bullying, sexual orientation, disability and cyber bullying.

It also states that the academy has a ‘strong no-bullying policy’ and that it ‘will not tolerate bullying behaviour of any kind’. 

It states: ‘Name-calling, racially sensitive incidents, verbal or sexual abuse, threatening behaviour, harassment and bad language are all regarded as bullying behaviour.

‘Serious incidents of bullying behaviour in which students are physically assaulted, intimidated or verbally abused in some way, may result in an exclusion from the academy; this may be a fixed term exclusion or, if the offence is serious enough, a permanent exclusion, even for a first offence.’

It advises pupils that if they are being bullied that it is ‘not their fault’, and states that pupils should try and stay calm and be confident. 

‘Be firm and clear – look them in the eye and, if possible, tell them to stop and tell them how you feel.’

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