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GRIEVING family and friends are putting yellow hearts on windows in poignant tributes to loved ones taken too soon by the coronavirus.

An inspirational Facebook group has also been set up to allow people to share their memories of "amazing hero dads", "beautiful mums", and "lovely grandads" to show that victims are "not just a government statistic".

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The group was initiated by the Gompertz family after their grandmother, Sheila, died from Covid-19.

Hannah Gompertz said the sunshine-coloured hearts represent and honour someone who has been killed by the new disease.

She explained on Facebook last week that "very sadly our Grandma has passed away after contracting Coronavirus.

"Our Grandad wanted people to understand not only the number of people who have died due to this virus, but how many people have been affected due to the loss of a family member or friend.

"He suggested that there could be a yellow symbol that individuals who have been affected by loss display in their windows, to show how the country is covered with families that have lost somebody and been touched by this pandemic."

Yellow symbols…[will help] people realise the extent of this personal and national tragedy.

Hannah's thoughtful grandfather, David, told her that "although every day on telly we hear the number of people that have died, these are just numbers that don’t mean that much.

"But if every family that lost somebody dear put a yellow symbol in their window, on their door or the pavement, people would realise the extent of this personal and national tragedy.”

Hannah shared a yellow heart on Facebook group "Yellow Hearts to Remember – Covid 19", saying her family "hopes that if you are mourning someone, that you find comfort in solidarity."


As a result there has been an outpouring of love, heartbreak – and plenty of yellow hearts – shared through the page, as people struggle to come to terms with loved ones dying away from friends and family, sometimes within days of falling ill.

One woman paid tribute to her dear dad who “lost his fight in a care home; he’s not just a government statistic but much loved by my Mum and all the family. 

“This page is a lovely way to honour loved ones who most people have had to say goodbye to in the most heartbreaking ways.”

Another daughter posted that her brave mother had beaten brain aneurysm “but Covid-19 robbed me of her this time.

“She fought so hard for five days then had to hospitalised for the final two days, as she had breathing difficulties.

“No goodbye was said as she passed away without me by her side, my heart has been broken into a million pieces.”

And one daughter posted a picture of her “wonderful dad”, aged 82, who had been in lockdown in his nursing home, near Chester since March 16, “where we thought he'd be safe”.

A great-grandad was hailed as a “rescuer, rock, storyteller, comedian, creative, fighter for justice, problem solver, friend and mentor to many and my lovely Dad”.

Others refer to the “horrible, awful virus” which has claimed precious relatives – one of whom sang to raise funds for charity, while others were “fit and well with no underlying health problems”.

Emma Hilton praised the group as “such a lovely idea [but] it's so very sad that so many people have lost loved ones too soon.”

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