Cops to pack courtroom for trial of teen driver accused of dragging cop

Cops will be out in force in the audience of a Brooklyn courtroom today, for the attempted murder trial of a young Crips member accused of ramming a stolen car into an Anti-Crime Unit officer last year.

Det. Dalsh Veve, a 10-year NYPD veteran, managed to fire off two bullets at 15-year-old Justin Murrell before the young gangbanger allegedly dragged him through East New York for three blocks. Veve suffered head injuries that nearly killed him.

Opening statements are set for Wednesday afternoon.

The trial will likely focus on what was in Murrell’s mind as he hit the pedal on the stolen car he was driving.

The defense may argue that Murrell had just been shot in the face by Veve and had no idea that he’d rammed the cop.

Prosecutors would likely counter that Murrell — who, despite his youth, already had 11 arrests on his rap sheet — had the semblance of mind to walk 15 blocks to Kings County Hospital — and to then instead take an Uber to Brookdale Hospital after seeing several cops outside.

Veve and Murrell crossed paths in June, 2017, when the cop responded to a report of gunshots at a block party on Tilden Avenue and 53rd Street.

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