Compassionate cop heard comforting baby left home alone in New Mexico

A San Juan County sheriff’s deputy is being applauded for his compassion and sweet approach to comforting a baby he discovered home alone.

Global News

The police department shared video Wednesday of a recent incident that led Deputy Cody Tipler to a home in Aztec, New Mexico, to show that their “deputies are human, plain and simple.”

“It will make you feel good to know that the deputies serving our community possess true compassion,” police said in a Facebook post.

The video shows the exterior of a home while the deputy is heard interacting with the one-year-old inside.

“It’s OK, baby. Hi sweetie,” Tipler said.

The deputy then provided a radio description of an allegedly drunk mother who went to a family member’s home claiming she couldn’t find her child.

“Well, her baby is here laying on the bed, at her house, all by itself.”

After a succession of sweet shushing, Deputy Tipler told the baby he would put her in a blanket.

“There we go,” Tipler said. “You’re going to be OK.”

Deputy Tipler remained with the infant “until a sober family member could come pick her up.”

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