Cohen Lawyer Compares Trump To Nixon: 'I Don't Think This Man Even Understands The Constitution'

In an interview with the Hill, Michael Cohen’s former attorney, Lanny Davis, compared Donald Trump to Richard Nixon, claiming that Nixon at least understood and “respected” the United States Constitution. “Nixon respected the Constitution. I don’t think this man even understands the Constitution,” he said.

“He did not defy the court order to turn over the tapes. He did not say the Justice Department is my law firm. He tried. He fired everyone and recognized you can’t get away with that.”

According to Davis, Nixon “deserved” to be removed from office, but he was not like Trump. Michael Cohen’s attorney opined that Nixon cared about the law, understood the boundaries of the Constitution, and refused to resort to lying to the public. Trump “doesn’t care about lying, we know that, and that’s frightening,” Davis added, arguing that even his prominent client, Michael Cohen, is scared by Donald Trump’s disregard for the law.

Sharing Davis’ sentiment, veteran reporter famous for uncovering Nixon’s Watergate scandal, Carl Bernstein, often describes Donald Trump’s presidency and the alleged Russia collusion as being “worse” than Watergate, according to Business Insider.

As reported by CNN, President Donald Trump’s former lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen was sentenced this week to three years in prison. Cohen was sentenced for crimes which include hush money payments to two women Trump is thought to have had affairs with. Cohen’s is the longest imposed sentence to an individual connected to Robert Mueller’s probe into Russian election interference. According to court filings, Cohen provided “helpful” information to the special counsel, but the lawyer has not managed to avoid jail time.

Contradicting his former lawyer, Donald Trump denied ever directing him to break the law, according to the Guardian. In an interview aired after the sentencing, the president further downplayed his involvement in the hush money payments, claiming that Cohen “did more public relations” than law.

In an interview with ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos broadcast Friday, according to the New York Times, Cohen reaffirmed once again that Trump not only arranged hush money payments during the 2016 presidential campaign but “knew” they were wrong. Cohen also said that he is “angry” with himself, vowing that he will no longer be loyal to Donald Trump. Interestingly Cohen, who began working for the Trump Organization in 2007, said that Donald Trump changed substantially since becoming president.

“It was just a change. I will tell you that the gentleman that is sitting now in the Oval Office — 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue — is not the Donald Trump that I remember from Trump Tower,” he said.

According to Cohen, the pressure of the job has gotten to the president. In a statement supplied to the NYT, the White House described Cohen as a “self-admitted liar,” slamming the media for giving credence to his statements.

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