Cindy McCain Slammed After Police Deny Her Claims That She Stopped A Sex Trafficking Attempt

If you see something, say something…or nothing, unless you want to play yourself for a fool like Cindy McCain. She said she busted up a child trafficking attempt, but after police dispute her claims, she got DRAGGED online.

“I came in from a trip I’d been on and I spotted—it looked odd—it was a woman of a different ethnicity than the child, this little toddler she had, and something didn’t click with me,” Cindy McCain, 64, said during a radio interview with KTAR News 92.3’s Mac & Gaydos, per The wife of the late Sen. John McCain was startled by what she saw at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport – a woman with a toddler of a different ethnicity! – that she just had to call the cops. “I went over to the police and told them what I saw, and they went over and questioned her, and, by God, she was trafficking that kid.”

Cindy claimed that the woman was “waiting for the guy who bought the child to get off an airplane.” Except, no. Phoenix Police Sgt. Armando Carbajal told KTAR on Feb. 6 that while the authorities conducted a welfare check on a child at the airport at McCain’s request, “officers determined there was no evidence of criminal conduct or child endangerment.” Cindy tweeted on Feb. 6 about the incident, “commend[ing] the police officers for their diligence. I apologize if anything else I have said on this matter distracts from “if you see something, say something”

Perhaps next time Cindy calls into a radio station, she could request “See Something, Say Something” by The Kominas, because she obviously needs to listen to the lyrics. (“If you see something / You better say something / Or Nothing at all / So don’t make any accidents / You need more evidence”) After hearing about McCain calling the cops on a multi-racial family, outraged fans blasted her online. “What racism looks like: Cindy McCain saw a woman “of a different ethnicity” than her toddler & assumed she was a human trafficker, so she called cops & ‘by God the woman was trafficking that kid!’ ” tweeted @MuslimIQ. Others compared her to Lindsay Lohan over a similar incident, where the Mean Girls star caught a slap upside the head after harassing a refugee family.

“People like Cindy McCain—who has adopted a child not of her race!—terrify me as a fellow adoptive parent. Will someone compare me and my daughter’s skin and do the same?” @Deekay1776 tweeted. It’s true. John and Cindy visited an orphanage in Bangladesh in 1991 after the country was hit by a deadly cyclone. It was there that Cindy fell in love with a little girl (Bridget McCain, now 27) who she would formally adopt two years later, per Town & Country.

Cindy, an anti-trafficking activist, is also the co-chair of the governor’s Arizona Human Trafficking Council and the McCain’s Institute Human Trafficking Advisory Council, according to HuffPost. So, while this looks like another Permit Patty/Barbecue Becky/incident where a white person calls the cops on a person of color for…just being a person of color…it is. Many would argue that Cindy’s actions were noble in intention, as she was just being cautious or alert in her crusade to end human trafficking. Others would argue that her overzealousness doesn’t excuse her for calling the cops to harass this woman and child.

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