Celebrations advent calendar outrage as treat behind door number 2 is branded a 'cruel joke'

The makers behind the December treat left fans disappointed yesterday when they opened door number one to find a Bounty.

And now they have hit out at Mars Incorporated on Twitter for the second day running because a Snickers was hidden behind the window.

Charlotte Elliot said: "A bounty on day one… a snickers on day two… what have we done for you to hate us so much world? celebrations advent adventcalendar SnickersUK".

@DannysLifestyle wrote: "Number 2 in my Celebrations Advent Calendar is a Snickers and honestly at this point it's just a cruel joke."

Lucy Gaddes said: "Bounty in first door and snickers in the second, celebrations advent calendar is really doing me dirty."





@Cazxxxx fumed: "Shoutout to Celebrations for making the first 2 chocolates in the advent calendars the worst 2 EVER! Bounty followed by a snickers…no thanks."

While Clare Smith added: "#Celebrations you had chance to redeem yourself after yesterday's Bounty, but nooooo…day 2= Snickers!!!!"

Snickers contains peanuts, caramel and nougat with a milk chocolate coating.

It was launched in 1930 under the name Marathon before being rebranded in 1990 and is known for its 'You're Not You When You're Hungry" adverts featuring celebs such as Mr T and Joan Collins.

Meanwhile, Bounty was first launched in 1951 and is known for often being the last remaining sweet in tubs of Celebrations.

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