Carrie Bickmore unleashes at UK's decision to leave the EU

Carrie Bickmore unleashes at UK’s decision to leave the EU as The Project stars deem the nation ‘UNLIVEABLE’ as the pound spirals – despite TV host spending a lavish summer across the pond

  • The Project host Carrie Bickmore claims UK residents didn’t understand Brexit
  • While cohost Rachel Corbett called UK ‘unliveable’, Bickmore slammed the move
  • Bickmore said the UK ‘just weren’t informed’ about consequences of leaving EU
  • She recently returned from a three-month European holiday based in London 

Carrie Bickmore blasted the UK’s decision to leave the European Union in 2016 claiming Brits who voted for the change didn’t understand the consequences. 

Fellow hosts of The Project also weighed in on Bickmore’s blunt assessment on Wednesday’s episode and called the UK ‘unliveable’ as the value of the Pound plummets and the cost of living soars.

Bickmore, who recently spend a lavish three-month holiday in England while on long-service leave, claimed the majority of people who voted for Brexit didn’t know enough about it and didn’t understand the economic implications of choosing to leave in 2020.

‘It just struck me when we were staying there how many people I spoke to, like cabbies and people that live there who voted for Brexit, were like ‘oh no, we didn’t understand it properly’,’ she said.

The Project’s Carrie Bickmore (above) said UK residents ‘just weren’t informed’ enough before voting to leave the European Union

Carrie (above) recently returned from a three-month holiday touring the UK and Europe with her partner and their three children 

‘They just weren’t informed, they were given a chance to have a major say on what happens with their country and then they were like ‘oh, I don’t like this, can we go back?’ and it’s done.’

Her comments came just moments before the Bank of England announced it will buy long-term government debt in a desperate bid to stabilise the country’s flailing economy.

The pound has dropped to a record low against the dollar after the new prime minister, Liz Truss, implemented a number of controversial economic policies.

As of Wednesday night, the Australian dollar was also up on the pound – hovering around the 60 pence mark. 

The UK is in the midst of a financial crisis as the value of the pound plummets and the cost of living soars (pictured, a woman shopping in London)

‘This repricing has become more significant in the past day – and it is particularly affecting long-dated UK government debt. Were dysfunction in this market to continue or worsen, there would be a material risk to UK financial stability,’ the central bank said in a statement.

‘This would lead to an unwarranted tightening of financing conditions and a reduction of the flow of credit to the real economy.’

In response to the controversial announcement, the UK Treasury said ‘global financial markets have seen significant volatility in recent days’.

Analysts have warned the UK is headed for a property price crash within the next two years with more than two million Britons already facing skyrocketing mortgage costs that will force many to sell.

Bickmore, her partner and their three children (above) returned from a three-month European holiday based in London in July

Thousands of UK residents have been left struggling as the cost of living soars and the value of the pound falls

Co-host Rachel Corbett added she knows people who are struggling to make ends meet amid the financial crisis.  

‘I’ve got friends over there who are literally having to make the decision between food or electricity, like the costs. It seems like a very unliveable place,’ she said.

Bickmore’s Brexit judgement comes just two months after she returned from a three month trip to the UK and Europe after announcing she was ‘moving’ with her family.

She announced in March that she would be taking ‘a few months off’ from hosting on Chanel 10 from April to travel Europe with her partner, Chris Walker, and their three children from a new base in London.

‘Chris and I and the kids are heading off on a family adventure together,’ she said at the time.

Bickmore (above) shocked fans when she returned from her European holiday in July after speculation she was trying to land herself a gig in London

Bickmore said she was shocked to hear how many UK voters didn’t understand the consequences of leaving the European Union (pictured, revellers in London)

‘We’ve been wanting to do it for a while but lots of reasons, timing hasn’t been right, but we figure it’s never going to be the perfect time to go.’

However, fans suspected Bickmore could be looking to take a permanent break from her role and land a gig in the UK. 

‘Carrie could easily do breakfast TV, or stick to her guns and pick up an evening current affairs-style gig,’ an industry source told New Idea in late March.

‘Her management will surely be working hard to use Carrie’s travels in the UK to her advantage.’

Rachel Corbett called the UK ‘unliveable’ while Bickmore said the majority of voters didn’t understand the complications of Brexit before choosing to leave the EU in 2020

So it was a shock to The Project viewers when Bickmore suddenly reappeared on screen in July without fanfare.

A TV insider wrote on the A TV insider wrote about the return on Media Spy forum: ‘It was always long-service leave and to spend time on an extended holiday with her family. She wasn’t moving there forever or to pursue and career.’

‘Her kids went back to school today. She was always taking term two off. The kids can’t have more than a term off and ruin their schooling. There’s no conspiracy here.’

Bickmore has been a backbone member of The Project’s crew since it launched in 2009.

She has two children, daughters Evie, six, and Adelaide, three, with her partner Walker, and a 14-year-old son, Oliver, from her marriage to the late Greg Lange, who died of brain cancer in 2010.

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