Cancer patient woke up from an 11-day Covid coma in which he was a Tesco delivery driver

A HOSPITAL patient woke from an 11-day coma to reveal he had one long bad dream — as a Tesco delivery driver with a crap van.

Cancer sufferer Paul Luttrell, 52, was on a ventilator after getting Covid and was not expected to live.

But the dad of five defied the odds — and vividly remembered his surreal dream.

The ex-builder was kidnapped by a gang who used a defibrillator to torture him.

He went on: “They then made me get a job as a Tesco delivery driver but I had to give all my money and wages to them. I only had this crappy van, doors hanging off the back but I had to get on with it and earn more money to give straight to them.”

Paul, of Frome, Somerset, said the gang leader was a dwarf and he then started selling hallucinogenic drugs and had to look after a sex worker.

He recalled coming round amid a surreal encounter with his ex-horse trainer mum, who died a year ago.

“She was riding bareback and just looked at me and smiled. It was like she wouldn’t let me die,” he said. The delirium continued when Paul spoke to his wife Dalma. He recalled: “The first thing I said to her was, ‘Have Tesla phoned?’.”

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Paul was diagnosed three years ago with myeloma, cancer that destroyed his kida blood and bone marrows.

But he is recovering at home after being discharged in August. He added: “The cancer is still there and I still have dialysis but I am feeling stronger from being in a coma. It was almost like I was rebooted.”

Dalma added: “When he caught coronavirus this summer, I thought he wasn’t coming home because they say if you have underlying conditions it hits you harder. The doctors said he was a miracle.”

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