Canadian teens suspected of killing couple were obsessed with Hitler

The pair of Canadian teens wanted for the murder of a young tourist couple appeared to be obsessed with Adolf Hitler — and one of them even posed for photos wearing Nazi gear, according to a new report.

Bryer Schmegelsky, 18, and his alleged accomplice, Kam McLeod, 19, are suspected of killing at least three people in British Columbia earlier this month — including Chynna Deese, 24, of Charlotte, North Carolina, and her boyfriend, Lucas Fowler, 23, of Sydney, Australia; and Leonard Dyck of Vancouver.

Canadian police have issued warrants for both McLeod and Schmegelsky on second-degree murder charges, according to reports.

The Facebook accounts for both teens were linked to an account called “Illusive Gameing” — misspelling included — The Globe and Mail reported Tuesday. That page appeared to have been deleted by Thursday.

That same account also appeared on YouTube, in addition to the gaming networks Twitch and Steam, according to the report. They featured the Communist icon, far-right politics, sexualized Japanese anime and the survivalist video game rust, the paper reported.

The banner image for the YouTube account — which also appeared to have been deleted — was a modified Soviet flag, but it used the heraldic eagle of Hitler’s Germany as its profile picture, according to the report.

Steam accounts linked to the pair were last active a week before their blazing truck was discovered along Highway 37, the paper reported.

A Steam user who did not want to be identified told the outlet he regularly chatted with Schmegelsky and sometimes McLeod online — but cut off the former earlier this year when he incessantly praised Hitler’s Germany.

The user provided the Globe photos sent by an account believed to belong to Schmegelsky. In one photo, the teen wore a swastika armband, and another showed him in a gas mask. Yet another showed him in military fatigues, brandishing what looked to be an Airsoft rifle, according to the report. Each of those photos were sent last fall, according to the gamer.

Another account connected to the pair includes the logo for the Azov Battalio, a far-right Ukrainian militia that is said to hold neo-Nazi sympathies, the source told the paper.

Still another claims to be based near Moscow, features the heraldic eagle and belongs to several groups for fans of sexualized Japanese animation, according to the report.

A Facebook account that appears to be associated with Schmegelsky includes an eerie message posted in 2015: “Guns don’t kill people. It’s mostly the bullets.”

The pair were best friends since elementary school, Schmegelsky’s dad, Alan Schmegelsky, told Canada’s Global News.

Madison Hempstead, one of Schmegelsky’s seventh-grade classmates, said she did not speak with him too often, but she did recall some disturbing comments he made.

“There were times he would tell me and my friends ways he wanted to kill us and then himself, which is scary,” Hempstead told the outlet. “One of my friends commented that Bryer said he wanted to kill his whole family.”

Other classmates also told the paper of similar exchanges with Schmegelsky, according to the report.

Schmegelsky had struggled with his parents’ 2005 divorce, and his main influences were “YouTube and video games,” his dad told the Canadian Press.

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