Cackling yobs use flashing fake police light to bully innocent drivers

Cackling yobs use flashing fake police light to bully innocent drivers off the road as they speed through bus lane, run red lights and blast horn at anyone in their way

  • Driver shouts ‘we aren’t even police’ at stunned pedestrians in north London 
  • The suited motorist speeds through Stamford Hill as drivers flee in his wake 
  • Narrowly avoids oncoming traffic after sailing through a red light in the video

This is the moment cackling yobs flashed a fake police light to bully innocent drivers off the road as they speed through a bus lane and run red lights. 

Disturbing footage shows a driver blasting his horn at anybody in his way as his passengers laugh with glee during his reckless display.

The well-dressed thug impersonated a police officer as he drove without a seat belt, ignoring the incessant ringing of his reminder alarm in Stamford Hill, north London.

Confused motorists swerve out of his way as he accelerates towards them, shouting ‘move’.

After almost crashing several times, the driver then pulled up alongside two stunned pedestrians and boasted ‘we’re not even police’ before speeding away.

The wild ride lasted more than four minutes but the group did not encounter any police cars during the footage.

Video of the appalling driving was shared on social media yesterday and has been viewed more than 8,000 times.

The suited yob (right) and his friends use a flashing blue light (left) to speed past traffic and run red lights in Stamford Hill, north London 

It shows the suspect – wearing a suit – driving one-handed towards a roundabout as the passenger in the front seat places a flashing light on the dashboard.

The grinning driver runs a red light and beeps his horn as he swerves across two lanes to make an exit, narrowly avoiding oncoming traffic.

When a pair of women in the back seat start giggling, the driver snaps: ‘Will ya shut up, would ye?’

He then accelerates rapidly along a bus lane to avoid a queue of cars, ploughing through more red lights and blasting his horn at anybody in his way.

The women – seemingly oblivious to the danger they are in – continue to laugh hysterically as drivers are forced to take evasive action and quickly move aside.

When the suspect finally has to stop behind a line of cars, he undertakes two vehicles in a single lane before driving down the wrong side of the road to pull clear.

Cars (left) flee the driver (right) in confusion as they see the blue light in Stamford Hill, north London, in footage that circulated yesterday 

He cries ‘woo-woo-woo’ as he repeatedly beeps his horn – despite there being no cars in front of him – apparently desperate to draw attention to himself.

After forcing a stationary car to give way from behind at a set of traffic lights, he tears through yet another red before darting down a side road where the footage cuts out. Viewers on social media blasted the driver for his stupidity.

Danny Dawson said: ‘Very clever video of you driving like a nutter. You will look great in court, won’t take long to put a name to a face.’ 

Jefferson Webster wrote: ‘That right there is how you get nicked and I think any judge or magistrate wouldn’t find this funny.’

Dave Ryan added: ‘I think he can expect a knock on the door, what a clown recording it.’ The Metropolitan Police has been approached for comment.  

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